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A frantic closing of the market in the league: “The documents are not entered!”

El Mundo experienced the closing of the market at La Liga’s headquarters. Belern’s documents were recorded at 23:59, but not Marcos Alonso’s. The ‘Laliga Manager’ app controls everything, no more faxes. “At twelve, the app crashes.”

Market closed in LaLigaleague
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on the seventh floor Torrelaguna Street No. 60 in Madrid The destiny of Spanish football was transferred, coordinated and authorized yesterday. responsible for leagueThe protagonists, along with clubs and football players, were in the midst of the closing of the transfer market marked by austerity, economic control and the last-minute nerves of most teams. First class,

The building, located on a 4,300-square-metre site in the center of the capital, was the scene of calls from legal managers of clubs, the disapproval or acceptance of their operations and the classic uncertainty of a day that always left the main cast in suspense. 11:59 pm, and I agreed to that building World,

there right now 20 or 25 operations in progressTold this newspaper from the organization led by Xavier Thebes, It was almost nine o’clock in the night, only three o’clock before the official closing. After twelve no more documents were allowed to be entered. If a team has a spending limit and at 00:10 they arrive with a million more, it’s not worth it. What is the value of what is sent at twelve o’clock in the night?, At that point we review the operation and in about fifteen or twenty minutes we decide whether to accept or reject it. So there are signs that are accepted after twelve, he explained to this newspaper. Javier GomezoCorporate General Director of LaLiga.

‘Laliga Manager’ ‘mat’ on fax

It is the flexibility of the competition that allows for the last-minute movements that cause the most uncertainty and surprise to the fan. and everything is coordinated through la liga managerplatform that’s killed mythological replica, Clubs no longer report their operations through the old equipment, which is famous in some disappointed signings, such as David De Gea by Real Madrid, but they use the new application. She was none other than the big star of August 31.

In la liga managerWhich replaces the fax since the 2016–2017 season, those responsible for the clubs attach and analyze the contracts and statistics of the transfers made by them. Department of Economic and Legal Control of LaLiga, That’s all night. No league has as strict economic control as we have, we do a detailed trace of the origin of wealth. Possibly not other leagues, Gomez admits.

“Doubts come from ten o’clock”

Barcelona was the great animator of the finale. Where are Belern and Marcos Alonso?, they were surprised in Torrelaguna. With the advent of a phrase that remembers what happened 365 days ago Griezmann To Metropolitan They were the most anticipated names on the two huge screens at the last minute with La Liga updating signings while the clock was alarmingly close to twelve. moment of maximum tension. nothing cool. Everything intensifies on the last day and from ten o’clock everyone is suspicious, everyone wants their movements to be acknowledged quickly, he remarked louis guilloOffice of the Competition Director and LaLiga Player.

The last few minutes were frantic, despite the fact that madridLeading actors these days, exposed Normality and its blueprint is considered closed, However, Barra always accelerated the buzzer to adjust his wardrobe and economy under the watchful eye of LaLiga. If there are departures, it is because there will be arrivals, he warned the organization. At 23:23 Azulgrana announced the departure of braithwaite to Espanyol, but he didn’t say anything about Belern and Alonso, Tournament sources argued that it is one thing to announce a signing and another that the player is registered in LaLiga.

at 11:59 pm, name of balern, the last registered player (32 total in this final day), to a shout out to reporters, but not Alonso. And Javier Gomez can be seen giving instructions to his LaLiga teammates, all standing on the seventh floor. Marcos Alonso’s documents are not recorded, he explained at the competition headquarters. nor of Tom’s Rolo, intended by Lightning. And yes I entered the bottom of aubameyangOn the way to Chelsea. Thus the maximum tension was extinguished on 31 August.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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