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A double champion against the forecasts: can the renewed Spain aspire to everything in the European?

A double champion against the forecasts: can the renewed Spain aspire to everything in the European?

Czech Republic, Sweden and Bosnia-Herzegovina, first rivals in a group in which only two teams advance to the next phase.

Antonio Garca, during the friendly against Irn in Cuenca.JL RECIO | RFEB
  • The final of 2020 Spain 22 – Croatia 20
  • The first gold Spain 29 – Sweden 23

The Spanish handball team has signed an excellent palmars this century. Since 2000, it has added 17 of the 26 medals that it has been able to hang throughout its history. Disappointments have been very rare. Contadsimas. The worst, perhaps, the absence from the Ro Games. The joys far outweigh them. In the Europeans, without going any further, he has been able to get on the podium in six of the 11 disputed in the last two decades. What’s more, he comes from winning the last two (2018 and 2020), so he will defend his title from tomorrow. For this reason, and due to the arrival of new blood, expectations could be very high with a view to the tournament organized by Hungary and Slovakia.

However, the absence of vital players in recent years implies an undeniable halo of doubt. And that, together with the good level that other groups are showing, as one of the hosts (Hungary) forces us to assume reality: the Hispanics, on paper, they are not great favorites to catch gold.

The motivation of the rest of the groups is very high. The ability of the Spanish team to overcome any setback and hit the table is also undeniable. But this time, there are too many cards that are playing against his interests. Ral Entrerros, its last great captain, retired with 40 years and 279 games behind him after winning the bronze medal in Tokyo. He was only one game away from matching another of the greats of the national team, David barrufet, who signed 280 appearances. A stage in which Entrerros also scored no less than 640 goals.

Other heavyweight veterans who are also not on the list of Jordi Ribera are Viran Morros, 38, second captain and a strong defense, with 234 games and 164 goals to his credit, Julen Aguinagalde, 39 years old and with 195 games and 472 goals, and Dani Sarmiento, 38 years old and with 132 games and 264 goals.

Without the brothers

Furthermore, the siblings cannot be injured. Alex Y Dani Dujshebaev, two players who have also had a great weight in the last good results obtained by the selection. The former, considered one of the best full-backs in the world, has been suffering from discomfort in his left shoulder for several months now and has had to stop in his tracks due to a medical prescription. The second, meanwhile, continues to recover from another serious injury to his right knee.

To make up for so many absences, in this case, there are a few new faces. Ian Tarrafeta, Agustn Married, Kauldi odriozola, Iaki Pecia Y Chema Mrquez may premiere with the Hispanics in the final phase of a great tournament. They are the ones who will be in charge of providing the team with that kind of generational change that, perhaps, it was already needing.

The five debutantes of Spain for the European.RFEB

The mixture of new and veteran blood, because still several members of the old guard, such as Joan Caellas or Geden guardiola, they are in the team, they can play for Spain as much as lack of experience can play against them. Only the passage of the parties in this case really mark your options. The Czech Republic, Sweden and Bosnia-Herzegovina, in a group in which only two teams advance to the next phase, will be their first touchstones.

The defense, with figures of the stature of Gonzalo Prez de Vargas or Rodrigo corrales under the sticks, to be without a doubt once again the great argument of this team in a tournament that, according to many, implies a greater demand than the World Cup due to the absence of low-level teams.

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Reference from elmundo