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A court accepted a complaint against Rubiales and Pick for alleged irregularities in the RFEF

Magistrate asks prosecutor’s office whether it is up to him to continue investigation opened by anti-corruption

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Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 4 of Mazdahonda (Madrid) The complaint against the Chairman of Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubials, and against the player football club barcelona and company owner Cosmos Global Holding, Gerard Pique, For alleged offenses of corruption in business and improper administration.

It stated in a car, to which Europa Press had access, signed by the head of the court, Delia Rodrigo, Which has decided to initiate preliminary proceedings against Rubiales and Pick as a result of a complaint filed a month ago. National Center for the Training of Football Coaches (Cinefe), Miguel Ngl Gallen, whom the magistrate summons to deposit a bail of 10,000 Euros to serve as a popular charge in the case.

Mazdahonda judge points out in an order issued this Monday that the facts condemned by Galen “have the characteristics of a the alleged offense of corruption in improper administration and trade”, However it agreed to initiate preliminary proceedings because “the nature and circumstances of such events or the people who took part in them have not been determined.”

At the same time, the magistrate indicates that she is referring the proceedings to anti corruption prosecutor To inform you whether the Court is competent to continue the investigation. In short, anti-corruption proceedings began in May on the head of the RFEF for alleged irregularities in the management of Rubiales and, among other issues, the contract for Spanish Super Cup is disputed in Saudi Arab With the mediation of Piqu.

In the complaint to which the agency had access, Gall pointed to commissions imposed by the RFEF and Piqu’s company to play in the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. And of Rubials, he focuses on a visit to his home, a monthly aid. New York, The alleged recording of government ministers and the alleged commissioning of spies to investigate union leaders.

a complaint that is added to the courts already presented Castile Square, for the union clean hands. Most likely, once Galen’s case has been accepted for processing, the prosecutor’s office will now have to refer what it has investigated to Mazadahonda in court.

alarm and social interest

These alleged facts, according to Galen’s complaint, have had an “unprecedented” effect in the media that has reached the courts to government Help “set the facts straight”. “The alarm and social interest is clear,” he emphasized.

Galan asked to take it to court “Instant” Quote from Both Rubiales and Piku So that they can declare and include in the investigation the proceedings initiated after Gall’s first complaint was filed in April by the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and which already has several extensions.

According to the complaint, Rubiales and Piku Created a “Profit Plan” With the transfer to Saudi Arabia in exchange for the Spanish Super Cup €24 million, While “stubbornly” concealing commissions, which were “disguised as documentaries by pretending that payments were made by a third party.” “The defendants began their scheme as a unit of interest, cooperating with each other in such a way that it was sometimes not easy to decide which of them was the president and which was the apparent commission agent,” he said. mentioned.

In the letter, Gall confirmed that Rubiales and Pique, the current captain of Barcelona Football Club, intended to “do business”, although they did not know the “what”, “how” or “where”: “what they did know and wanted to do it together”, highlighted the complainant.

“Hide Commission”

Rubiales “didn’t want” them to appear in “any document” 24 million euros that Piqu was going to collect for arbitration in the operation. For Galán, “in collusion” with each other to “hide” the commission, “made it opaque not only to Spanish society, but to all internal organs of the RFEF” which could prevent them from commissioning. was.” of his actions”, as if it did not exist.

“In a relationship in which the position of president of the RFEF would have been duly exercised, one has to ask what could be the reason for planning with an active player tricks to play a competition in madrid or barcelona or another stadium or for the president to improve the income of a club (Barcelona) to take care of the detriment of its administrator, the RFEF”, he explains, given the option that the tournament would initially be played in Barcelona.

Another point included in the complaint is alleged Assignment from the Football Federation to a Detective Agency to “spy” on the president of Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE), David Aganzo, A job that would have been paid for “through the holding company”. “Following Cost 11,764 euros, but they were not paid by the RFEF, “But a company dedicated to real estate development that belongs to an outside attorney and that receives regular payments from a federal body,” he says.

Galen assured that if Rubiales “for his own benefit” hired a spy on one of the union leaders, David Agenzo, through an “intermediate or front company”, to hide him. “obvious lack of validity In an invasion of their privacy” and at the expense of RFEF funds, these are “very serious” and “criminal” conduct.

The third reason to complain is if the RFEF President “irregularly” provides housing assistance of 3,100 euros per month for at least nine months. Whereas the fourth and last point a. is related to The “Vacation” Journey from Rubials to New York Paid for “unnecessary” by the Federation, “taking advantage of their power” and camouflaged as “work”.

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