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A comeback of pure courage puts Spain in the fight for the medals

A comeback of pure courage puts Spain in the fight for the medals

The selection of Jordi Ribera, who lost by four goals with 15 minutes to go, surpasses Sweden (34-33) and qualifies for the semifinals.

Ral Entrerros launched against Felix Claar.EFE

To the famous Japanese architect Kenz tange It occurred to him that for the 1964 Tokyo Games, the stadium that was to host basketball, swimming, and trampoline jumping, had to have a roof that looked like a huge crooked suspension bridge. A complex work because then there were not many suspended ceilings.

But Tange, who was a visionary and had built the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building with an impressive 48-story 243-meter high main tower, had no doubt that this design would highlight a stadium that would host major events.

Many of the best Japanese J-pop groups have passed through the Yoyogi National Stadium. Reserved for great musical events, but also sports, the Spanish handball team could not play under the suspended ceiling of Tange without leaving its mark. You didn’t just have to win. It had to be a victory fought against the Swedish wall. So much so that with 15 minutes remaining, Sweden had a four-goal lead (25-29).

The padlock on the door

Until it appeared under the sticks Gonzalo Prez de Vargas. Two saves by the goalkeeper prevented the Swedes from maintaining the advantage. What came next was a motivational kick from the Hispanics, they believed it and did not fail in attack.The comeback had come from the hand of Aleix gmez and his goals from seven meters.

It was the sixth match in 11 days of competition. A lot of physical load in such a short time. And the selection has noticed that fatigue, especially at the beginning of the second part. Sweden broke the defense of five Spaniards on the sides. The court was Jim Gottfridsson and his goals at 97 km / h from nine meters.

The jump shots from the SG Flensburg center-back did much damage to the team captained by Ral Entrerros. It could be the last professional game for the Gijn legend. Spain was out until the final reaction and Entrerros, at 40, was waiting for another type of handball in his Bara, as coordinator of the base and forming part of the staff of the Youth team. But the captain won’t say goodbye without at least fighting for an Olympic medal.

Prez de Vargas, before Gottfridsson, at the Yoyogi National Stadium.EFE

The match began with a continuous exchange of blows. A first round trip. The runner-up in the world against the current European champion. The two teams arrived after finishing the group stage with four wins and a single loss.

Decisive goal by Dujshebaev

The best of the Spanish, Lex Dujshebaev, moved the game to the start and defended as the most. Good movements without the ball in attack Eduardo Gurbindo, which drove the Swedish star Gottfridsson crazy, always pending the help of the central defender.

The break was 20-18, two up for Sweden, who extended the lead to four goals at the start of the second half. Spain remont. The 81% success rate in the Nordics shot collapsed thanks to Gonzalo and the two shots at the wood by two specialists in the seven meters, Niclas Ekberg Y Hampus Wanne.

With two minutes to go, Spain knew how to maintain a long attack, killing time. And Dujshebaev pulled the blind 41 seconds from the end (32-34). The Hispanics now have to wait for a rival in the semifinals that will come out of Denmark-Norway. Tokyo 2020 will give a team with three Olympic bronzes the opportunity to add a new metal, preferably gold.