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A Christmas on the couch: the Atltico, immersed in its worst streak of the 21st century | LaLiga Santander 2021

 A Christmas on the couch: the Atltico, immersed in its worst streak of the 21st century |  LaLiga Santander 2021

They equal the dark record of February 2011, under the orders of Quique Snchez Flores, when the team remained four days without winning

Simeone demands more time from the referee in Granada.Miguel ngel MolinaEFE
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There was a time, between January 23 and February 12, 2011, when the Atltico could not give one. There were four consecutive slaps, without the slightest sign of reaction. Sporting, Athletic, Barcelona and Valencia passed over the team then led by Quique Sanchez Flores, in full countdown as owner of the bench. A group that roamed the League without the slightest aspiration.

Until nothing, those times were remembered already blurred. The demons seemed banished forever. However, suddenly, Atltico ran into them again in the worst month of December that the rojiblanca fans can remember. The accidental slip before the Majorca (1-2), in the Metropolitan, has led to the worst streak of the 21st century. A game of losses in the League, like that of 2011, only relieved by the conquest of Port, which served to enter the hype of the Champions League round of 16. The night that loomed coldest, ended up becoming the happiest.

Koke is the only survivor of both streaks. Those four slaps in a row that cloud Simeone’s tenth anniversary in front of the Atltico. That leave the team out of the Champions League positions, behind the Vallecano Ray, his rival just around the corner, on January 2. “We are not having that bit of luck in the small details. They kick us and they score us goals for the squad. Inexplicable things. The team has given everything, it has had chances, it has been ahead and they have disallowed a fair goal. It hurts. this defeat again, “lamented the mattress captain, who wore the number 32 when the team went into a spin in that harsh winter of 2011. He is right.

A team penalized on these dates for genius, misfortune and counterattacks. The same in the Metropolitano as in the Santiago Bernabu, the Sanchez-Pizjun or, last night, in Los Crmenes. Dream goals like those of Rakitic Y Darwin Machs. Bad luck such as Granada’s lethal counterattack, the result of a whip to the post by Joao Flix. Or the claw of Ocampos in Seville, already at sunset, the ball parading through the area. Or fouls that were not and others that did, like Joao’s last night, when the rojiblancos again took the lead. Only against Madrid, Simeone’s men left their spirits in the drawer of the table.

“We lose games that we deserve to win”

It is as if, with the arrival of December, the Atltico had lost its duende. The same one that made him come back games this season at the edge of minute 100. Or miraculously get up when he seemed inert. “We have been doing good games, but unfortunately the results are not what the team wants. I can not say anything to my players, they did a lot of good things. There were many goal situations and even the disallowed, beyond the referee and VAR , and they don’t think they fired two or three shots, “admits Simeone, in the Los Crmenes press room. “Many times we win games that we do not deserve and now we have to lose games that we deserve to win,” he declared.

At least, they will think about the Atltico dressing room, the next game will be already in 2022. December will be behind us. It will be necessary to see if the spell has vanished with the chimes. Or if what happened in these 23 days is more than a blur in Simeone’s notebook. Of that title won by May, not a single embers remain.

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