A buggy ride through the 'men's club' that was kidnapped from the Japanese by the United States

First round of golf at Kasumigaseki Country, Saitama. Jorge Campillo, who replaced Jon Rahm, has played with jet lag. “I Was on Vacation in CDs”

Spanish Jorge Campillo during the first round of golf at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.Reuters
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It was necessary to make grace to get the buggy. A striking, long and without cape. The keys were inside.

The Japanese have beautiful countryside. Traveling around is huge. And it’s a shame to be in the press room in front of the screen. In addition, the air has become very cold in the shelter of journalists, the coffee is bad and there are only a few chocolates that are hard to eat.

Hundreds of Volunteers Who Hurt Kasumigaseki Country Club They work by, among other things, preventing an unauthorized person from taking the buggy. But they are so polite and shy that they are ashamed to stop an outsider from defiling the temple of Japanese golf by driving across the tall grass of antegreen. They look rejected, but then they don’t know what to do.

Golfers can be seen quite a distance from the asphalt road. The best thing to do is try to get to the odd last-minute signing of Spanish golf to come a little closer: Jorge Campillo, who first set foot in the Olympic Village in Tokyo at midnight and seven hours later, is already with an iron in hand.

This extreme occupies the vacancy left by him john rahmo Because of you being positive for covid. He had to undergo three PCRs in 72 hours to board the plane, as did his caddy, Jess Legaria, which also suffers from jet lag in Tokyo Weed.

In the field, behind a full line of volunteers and ribbons so that no one disturbs the players, is nacho prides, Sports Director of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. Everyone is asking about the feud with Campillo, Nacho says, “The field is so beautiful, it catches your eye.

A small mention is enough because we are not here to waste the line on the controversy of a few days ago: a Galician, santiago jaro, was the next player in the rankings to travel to Tokyo. But the federation had not updated the list it submitted in March with its five best golfers, with Campillo ahead of Taro.

End of story because importantly, there is no way to find Campillo among the 60 men who compete with four rounds of 18 holes with the stroke play format of the games.

The truth is, after five days of visiting different places, golf is by far its most vibrant. It also seems that there is a public if we are involved in the relocation of volunteers, members of the federations of competing countries, security guards, field workers and journalists. This is the closest to the normality of sports without a pandemic.

Volunteers cleaning the Olympic Ring at Kasumigaseki Country Club.AFP

Kasumigaseki Camp is in Saitama City, about an hour and a half drive from Tokyo Olympic Village. The place has a curious history which is explained in a mural painted very close to where the Italian golfer threw himself on the grass to take a nap. guido migliozcic After finishing his first round.

Kasumigaseki was created in 1929 for the Japanese elite. When World War II ended with Japan as a defeated power, the United States demanded – speak of the Japanese kidnapping – the club for seven years and handed it over to its forces based in Asia so that they could spend some time To be able to entertain outside the bases.

With the original owner in 1952, Kasumigaseki was a “men’s club” until just four years earlier, when they allowed three members to join their 1,280 members, paying substantially more than an annual fee. 76,000 euros, to be part of a select club and play on a ground that was renovated for the Games, adding approximately 500 yards to the already existing 7,000.

“You may not wear shorts to enter the front door, although you may wear them on the field, as long as you also have knee-high socks,” reads one of the club’s rules. And he continues: “In the height of summer, players are asked to have etiquette to change their shirts and pants before entering the dining room, to avoid leaving a damp seat for the next guest. “

We continue to search with Buggy for Jorge Campillo during the first round of golf at these games, which he repeats after RO 2016 after missing from the Olympic program for more than a century. The people we meet are South Koreans Sungjae Im and Si Woo Kim, that if they get the medal they will get rid of military service in their country. “It is true that, if we win the medal, the government will exempt us from serving in the military,” Kim told several reporters during a break in the day.

we also see adri arnaus, the other Spanish in the men’s golf tournament, who has been five strokes from the first day’s leader, the Austrian twelfth Sep Straka.

As for Campillo. Did he fall asleep in the Olympic Village after his time trial on his way to Tokyo? No, everyone comes out with a blue polo shirt and a white hat with the flag of Spain. He was the last person to step on the field as it has been given to him by the organization so that he can take some more rest after his quick journey. “It was a bit confusing, but suddenly given the option that I can come here. I Cdiz. I was on vacation“Final words to come to Tokyo.