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A Barcelona player denounces “constant harassment” at the club when she was a minor

A Barcelona player denounces "constant harassment" at the club when she was a minor

Brazilian Queiroz, who is now on loan at Levante, has made his situation public: “He has tried to destroy my reputation, lower my self-esteem, degrade my working conditions, underestimate and undermine my psychological conditions.” Tried to”

Gio Queiroz during training.

Brazilian football players jio queirozprovided by barcelona As far as I pickedhas published “Open Letter to the President” Joan Laporta in which he “exposes the position of”psychological harassment” Joe lived in the Catalan compound for several months when he was not even 18 years old.

“Today I feel able to condemn Disrespectful behavior by me in Barcelona women’s football“, he begins by explaining. ” The complaint, with all the details, main grounds and other evidence, has already been sent to the Board of Directors. Those responsible are identified,” he added.

According to the version of Queiroz, which is now 18 years“I was in a good mobility until I got the call brazilian team, From that moment on, I began to receive different treatment within the club.” “Playing with the national team would not be the best thing for my future within the club,” he told her, and there was a “constant bullying“, as claimed.

“They were humiliating me so that i will leave the choice, he relates, and assures that he was “under unlawful imprisonment by the head of the club’s medical services.” ,I was illegally locked up And I couldn’t leave the house.

Weeks later, he managed to visit a concentration in Brazil, which allowed fifa, but when she returned to Barcelona several directors called her to discuss her situation. “He called me for a meeting with the club director. He was inflexible, aggressive and in a threatening tone he told me: “Calm down. We’ll take good care of you.” I feared for my future, From there my life changed forever. I faced humiliating and embarrassing situations for months.”

And he directly condemns the Catalan club’s football director: “Hey Tried to destroy my reputation, undermine my self-esteemDegrading my working conditions, underestimating and underestimating my psychological conditions”.

everything, when I still had 17 years: “The fact of being a minor does not seem to be an obstacle. They raided without objection, Abuse and psychological violence became intense and devastating. The player, yes, absolves Barcelona, ​​with whom he has a contract: “Barcelona is not directly responsible, but must ensure physical, mental, mental and moral. I have lived many months of pain and misery. I Hopefully the club will act accordingly.”

Club’s response

The facts condemned by Queiroz do not coincide with the Barca club’s version. According to sources in Barcelona consulted by EFE, the player was in fact a close contact of a COVID-19 positive and following health protocols in February 2021, she could not leave Spain.

Barca explains that the player focused with the Brazilian team without notifying the unit. Queiroz presented his case to the ‘Compliance Officer’, the man in charge of alerting the club’s board of directors of possible breaches of rules, who agreed with Barcelona stating that the football player had to follow health protocols .

what’s more, From Barcelona they confirm that a FIFA report concludes that Queiroz had to be confined until 17 FebruaryContrary to the explanation of the Levante player, who pointed out that the organization headed by Gianni Infantino had authorized him to join the Brazilian team.

Regarding the criticisms made about Markel Zubizarreta, and according to similar sources in the Blagrana unit, the game director’s decision was that, After returning from concentration, Queiroz would play exclusively at Barcelona B, with which he had a record, without the “prize” of entering the first team call. “Due to lack of discipline for not following health rules”.

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