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20 of Madrid’s ninth year, Zidane’s “liberation” and a generational volley: “Bad pass? The pass was perfect!”

20 of Madrid's ninth year, Zidane's "liberation" and a generational volley: "Bad pass? The pass was perfect!"

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9:30 pm. Of 15 May2002. from, time. of stadium Hampden Parkin Glasgow, Scotland, the end of Champions League in between Bayer Leverkusen And this real madrid, “I started the play!”, he said Worldin the midst of laughter, Cesar Sanchez, porter that night. “At the time someone else may have decided to give it a long shot, but I played it short helguera“, he recounts. The Cantabrian Central handed it Robert Charles, who, as usual, was listed on the left wing, a few meters in front of the midfield line. The sequence of touches began, all with the left foot, leading to the best goal in history European Cup,

solari You like the ball from outside under pressure from Schneider and see Roberto Carlos running over the German winger Sebsen, There was a ball. “I thought the German was coming and I saw someone in white out of the corner of my eye, Everyone says the pass was bad, the pass was perfect, It would be bad if he had to control her. zizhou first hit, right pass“, laughs Roberto Carlos with this paper. Madrid’s ‘3’ came in front of his opponent, who was a few meters from the bottom line, but the only option to continue the game was 190 cm from “Sebessen”. Had to lift the ball up. So he did. A blast in the Glasgow sky that went all the way down to Sebesen’s left arm.” Zinedine Yazid Zidane,

The Frenchman, unmarked at the edge of the field, saw the ball land, planted his right foot on the grass and rolled his body to the left and then pushed it to the right at just the right time. Tock His left foot came up at a perfect ninety-degree angle and he flew off to hit the ball, which went into the top corner. Hans-Jurg Butt from your boot. they were something adidas predator mindBlack skin, red tongue and three white stripes on the tip. Football Planet’s shoes and 13 seconds of a play for history in the early 2000s.

“One such goal? In the final?”

“take take!”I yelled zizhou Running towards the band in perfect Spanish. That, a small flick of his right fist and a grin on the ground was his celebration. ,I celebrated more in the locker room“The figure ‘5’ shows,” confesses Roberto Carlos:zizhou He has been an example as a person. He is famous for his way of being, if it were more wonderit won’t have the history it has“. A restrained celebration for an unexpected goal, though not for everyone.” When the ball came out of Roberto’s boot and was already falling, he was already on the bench we knew he was going to kill her, We weren’t really surprised. Round the authentic from the left. people are surprised but it was normal for him“, he recalls in this paper francisco pavono, Cesar was not impressed by Zidane’s idea: “It was no coincidence. If anyone could do that, it was zizhou, Just thought of that release… it’s amazing.” In the band, Tony BigDel Bosque’s assistant, I know, raised his eyebrows: “The volley was unexpected. Let’s see what he was preparing for, but we never thought it would be so perfect. With his short good legs, mid-height Feather … such a goal? In the final? we hallucinate,

A few seconds later, the brakes came and Zidane left Hampden Park with a serious expression, as if nothing had happened. His goal broke the boards that made up the Cayenne header. pike After the opening goal of the resin, even after an assist from Roberto Carlos: “That goal has always been resin and I.A. was trained by, He knew the power of taking throw-ins and was very intelligent in making those moves. The second half was painful. Cesar was injured in the 68th minute and Iker Casillas, Relegated to a replacement during the last part of that season, he took hold of Santo’s streaks and finished ninth with Real Madrid with several saves in the final minutes.

Casillas and Zidane.World

last whistle of urs-meier against Zidane on his knees, with his hands towards the British clouds and an eternal laugh that surpassed the embrace of Solari, the first to appear by his side for the celebration. The curiosities of life, the French and the Argentines will share the path barnabu’s bench, Like the resin, third to embrace the Frenchman and now coach for Castilla. ‘7’ tried to lift Zidane in the air but he didn’t let himself go, and Die I started a rumble in which everything rejoiced. Pure relief.

“It was a salvation for Zizu”

“I think for Zizhou it was a moment of liberation, He lost the 1998 final, his seventh in Madrid, and it was the title he was looking for. I also think it was like that Shape, He is such a great man that it is reflected in the titles he receives”, refers to Caesar, similar to the wind: “It was signed by Figo and Zidane“.” After 1998, they had that tasteless, it was a very important title and I think it was a bit released. In your history, winning the Champions League marks everything,” Grande says.

on the same grass he saw 42 years ago Di Stefano, Puskas and Gentos Zidane anointed, lifting Madrid’s fifth European Cup in the fifth edition of the tournament a whole generation volley, Beautiful aesthetically and emotionally, less emotional than the seventh but anchored in the collective memory of Madrid as that goal Mijatovic In this amsterdam-arena, “It was a great pleasure, but less than seventh, It was too much, it had been over 30 years to VI and it was very exciting,” Grande recalls.

I went down to the Hampden Park dressing room king juan carlos, “I have a great memory of the king, who came to celebrate with us and was very close. My leg was destroyed and I felt no pain,” admits Caesar, who in spite of everything for luck. holds no grudge ,Bitter? nerd… It’s getting sweeter with time. People remind me how unlucky I was, but how lucky I was to make it to the finals. A boy from the village who had never imagined aces even in his dreams. There was such a feeling that Caesar preferred to keep inside what had been said to Iker at the end of the game. “I remember, but i can’t tell you”, he jokes. “He had a bad year, we fought for the position and all emotions came out, most honest. It was a very stressful year.”

“There was a lot of pressure”

was born under that pressure CenturyWin of game At the end of copa del rey Against Madrid at the Bernabeu. Two months ago, on March 6th, 100th anniversary White set. An eternal blow. “We lost the Cup at home, it was the year of the centenary and there was a lot of pressure, In the end it was a sense of emancipation for all”, Cesar confesses, and the wind is still puzzled by some of the details of the celebration: “Ral and Salgado weren’t as happy as I was“, he laughs: “It was normal for them to win.” “Pressure? Normal One”, Tony Grande Relativity: “That Champions changed everything a little bit. instruction was changed And the club entered another era,” he explains, referring to the arrival of florentino perez In the summer of 2000. The one in Glasgow was the first of five European Cups that the President of Madrid has already submitted.


That summer of 2002, Brazil he will win World You Robert Carlos He will become the first Brazilian to win Champions You world Cup, The winger will finish second at the Ballon d’Or ronaldo: “I think the team was too dependent on me. Ronnie I took the Ballon d’OrzWhenever I go to his house tell him to let me take him home for a week”, joked again Roberto Carlos, who has watched Madrid in the Champions League from the sidelines with Zidane on the bench. Shadow for his volley in the Madrid history books to put an ear.” Zidane has scored a bit as a player in Madrid but has been purposeful has given him more as a coachPawan assured.

That volley premiered the European magic of Madrid in the 21st century. “That goal, Iker delivers … there’s an aura, a feeling that when you play for Madrid, you feel these things can happen regularly,” thinks Cesar. a volley born from the younger’s judo Yezidoas he said small To his son Zinedine. young man born and raised in la castellane From Marseilles, a poor and troubled area, it became a green belt on the tatami. Plastic, flexible, and will need to stretch as a ninety-degree volley. As if he knew what life is in store for him.

today, 20 years later, Zidane maintains the peace, reservations and silence of that celebration in Hampden Park. Some shout, some point and the same last laugh that has touched the sky many times. No, yes, like that night in 2002.

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