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10 Days of Quarantine, a PCR and Disney Songs to Tame Horse Athletes

10 Days of Quarantine, a PCR and Disney Songs to Tame Horse Athletes

Elegance, fiery, dream boy… 325 Olympic horses are to compete in a sprawling park in Tokyo in which the only spectator is a neighbor with binoculars.

Catalan rider Beatriz Ferrer-Salat during the dressage final.EFE

A man with binoculars looks out from the balcony of his home to watch dressage practice at Tokyo Equestrian Park’s Slice Arena. He lives on the ninth floor of a block of buildings and is lucky that the stadium’s bleachers are not too tall and vaguely obscure his view. If the neighbor below you has to look outside, he will only see a piece of the wall.

The ninth boy is the only spectator in the team dressage final. The only one, at least, who is not part of the horsemen’s staff, which consists of stable boys, vets and blacksmiths. In addition to a few members of the recognized press and equestrian associations of the competing countries.

“The facilities are extraordinary. The pity is that the stands are empty because the spectacle with the people in this park would be beautiful,” he says dismayed. venancio garcia ovisa, who has been Secretary General of the Spanish Horse Racing Federation for 27 years.

One of the most amusing things about dressage exercises for which we don’t understand horse riding is not with the bipeds mounted in the arena, but in the markers, when the names of the horses appear. the one with the Catalan Amazon Beatriz Ferrer-SalatFor example, his name is Elegance, the son of a horse named Negro. portuguese rider Rodrigo Torres Take a ride called Fairy. and dutch Hans Peter Minderhoud She baptized her dream boy.

Another amusing thing about these tests comes from Megaphone. Because the song with the first rider of the US team beauty and the Beast on the piano. Later, with dance came one of the classic themes of tarzan. we continue aladdin, Mulni

Disney to power. Although the Japanese have also put up curious soundtracks like the film battles. Astrix and Oblix against Caesar, and some tunes from ABBA and Queens.

The eight best teams were in search of a medal on the sand. But in this case the result is the lowest as the judges did not value the Spanish team with enough punctuation marks to qualify for the podium. And these lines are being published in a Spanish newspaper. So The important thing in this story are the horses. Because there has been much talk that the pandemic and tighter controls in Tokyo have prompted athletes to gymkhana until they reach their Olympic Games bubble. But little has been said about the journey of other athletes, four-legged athletes.

They landed at Haneda Airport after spending ten days in quarantine at a hotel for horses at Legge Airport, as well as another 60 health monitoring in the countries where they train. They also performed a PCR like that of human athletes: a nasal swab with a 13-centimeter probe to verify they were free of another virus, that of herpes.

horse flights

The first aircraft with Olympic horses took off from Lige on 15 July and stopped in Dubi, where the animals were loaded onto an Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777-F, the most environmentally friendly freighter in circulation. Equine travelers hoisted the flags of various European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands or Portugal. Each horse, weighing from 500 to 630 kg, traveled in pairs, as if they were in business class, in a flight at 16 °C , along with their stable boys and veterinarians.

In front of the cargo hold were the stallions. Mare, in the back. There were a total of 36 people on board who enjoyed the open bar of grass sandwiches. Each requires 40 liters of water during the 18 hours of flight. The aircraft was carrying 1,300 kg of horse equipment (saddle, blanket, grooming kit, wheelbarrow and so on) as well as 12,000 kg of food.

On that trip was the world’s most famous mare, the best in dressage, Bella Rose 2, who competes with the experienced German rider isabelle worth, the most respected Olympic equestrian athlete of all time. This is Worth’s sixth appearance at the Olympic Games. and, surprisingly, Your team has won gold.

19. in total there were 325 horses that had crossed half the world flight stables To receive your appointments with the domain and competition jump in Tokyo. According to the International Equestrian Federation, 247 horses will be in action at these Olympic Games, while at the Paralympics, which have only one dressage event, 78 will compete.

Once in Japan, after passing a customs control where their passport was stamped – yes, they also have a passport that indicates birthplace and records of flu and tetanus vaccines – they were required 180 Truck Trips Setagaya Equestrian Park to take the horses to their Special Olympic Village, a sprawling 180,000-square-meter complex that had already hosted the first Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964.

As night falls and the headlights come on for the dressage finale, mosquitoes make their presence felt. The one who never left is the public, represented only by the neighbor of the ninth. Continue with your binoculars.