What will the Ram temple of Ayodhya look like?

Out of the total 67 acres of land, the temple of Rama will be built in 2 acres

The construction of the temple is targeted to be completed in three and a half years
The temple trust will decide what facilities will be on the 65 acres of land
Architect Nikhil Sompura talked to Bhaskar about the construction of the temple

On August 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will pay homage to the construction of the Shriram Temple in Ayodhya. The model of the temple proposed in 1989 has been modified to make it grander. The height of the main peak of the first temple was 128 feet. Now it will be 161 feet. There will be five domes and one main peak in three places. Preparations for laying the foundation stone have started in Ayodhya. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself visited Ayodhya on Saturday to review the preparations.

Nikhil Sompura, son of Chief Architect Sompura, who designed the Ram Temple, had a special conversation with Bhaskar. He said the total land is 67 acres. However the temple will be built in 2 acres only. The Ram temple complex will be developed on the remaining 65 acres of land.

The temple will be ready in three and a half years

Nikhil said the temple would be completed in just three and a half years. It has been decided at the meeting of the trust. Work on its premises will continue. We have only been assigned the task of building the temple. Who will do the campus work? That trust will decide, although the trust has made a list of what facilities will be on campus. Now those who will be given the task of creating will create. The map of Ram temple is ready. The rest of the campus is being mapped.

Will be the most magnificent temple in the country

Nikhil further says that this will be the most magnificent temple in the country. It is a challenge for us to get it done on time. It is to be ready in three and a half years. People have high expectations of the temple. We will quickly prepare the temple with that in mind. Ram is a temple, everything will be done by Ram.

Where will the stone carving take place?

Nikhil said the stones that have been carved in the workshop will be used. Apart from this, you will also see other stones. It will come from Banshipur Pahadpur in Rajasthan. However, will it be carved only by bringing it to Ayodhya or will it be carved only from Rajasthan? It will be decided by L&T (Larsen & Toubro Company). L&T will also decide how much manpower or machine it will take. His research work is currently underway.

The more machinery is used, the less manpower is used. There are many large-scale machinery that can be used to build a temple. Now L&T will assign work to different people for the construction of different parts of the temple. It will then be decided how much man power will be needed.

The temple will stand for a thousand years

According to Nikhil, when we build a big temple, we carry stability of one and a half thousand years. Let’s assume that this temple will stand for the next thousand years. Nikhil gives the example of Khajuraho and says that it is 800 years old. There are still many temples, which are very old.

A soil sample was taken 200 feet below

Nikhil said that the foundation has to be dug so that the temple becomes strong. Nothing can be said about how much load the soil inside can withstand. Soil sampling has been done for it at 200 feet. When the report comes, it will be decided how much the foundation will fly. It will also be decided by L&T.

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