Excavations will be carried out in Thori, Nepal to provide evidence of Rama’s birth

Excavations will be carried out in Thori, Nepal to provide evidence of Rama’s birth, Oli claimed to be Rama’s birthplace

Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli claimed that Lord Rama was born in Nepal
Oli had identified Thori near Birganj in Nepal as the birthplace of Ram, now excavations will be carried out here.

Nepal’s Prime Minister Oli had claimed a few days ago that Lord Rama was not born in Ayodhya, India, but in Thori, near Birgunj, Nepal. The government of Nepal will now excavate in Thori to provide evidence of this claim. This information was given by the news agency. Responsibility for the excavation has been given to the Archaeological Department of Nepal.

Oli said that not only Sita Mata but also Lord Shriram was born in Birganj district of Nepal. He named a place called Thori as the birthplace of Rama. Many of these claims were ridiculed.

Conversation on excavation plan

Nepal’s Department of Archeology (DOA) has been activated on his orders following Oli’s statement. He has also interacted with several ministries. A survey is being prepared in Thori of Birganj. Excavation work will begin later to gather evidence of claims that the real Ayodhya is here. A DOA spokesperson said discussions had begun with several other ministries on the survey and excavation work.

Expert advice first

DOA Director Damodar Gautam said, “It is true that we are going to conduct a survey here first.” Because of this, we have started a dialogue with the concerned ministries. Apart from this, we are also going to take the advice of experts so that any result can be reached quickly.

Yes, we have no support

However, the funny thing is that even Gautam believes that he has no basis for the birth of Rama in Thori. “The prime minister has claimed that it is our responsibility to take action and move forward,” he said. I cannot claim that we have any basis to say that Lord Shriram was born in Nepal.

What Oli claimed

Last week, Oli said at a Bhanu Jayanti function at his home that Lord Rama was not an Indian but a Nepali. The original Ayodhya is not in India but in Birgunj, Nepal. He also accused India of cultural repression. Oli said Nepal’s contribution to science has always been ignored.

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