Workers’ Day weekend Trump Boat Parade in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With the 2020 elections around the corner, Nick Garcia defeated his President Donald J. Trump has scheduled a second San Diego Bay boat parade to support him for his 2020 re-election!

There is no registration to attend the event, so everyone is welcome to attend. Garcia asks contestants to fly on their trump flag, back the blue, and land on San Diego Bay or on their boat. Unite and be united with us, as part of #trumptilla.

If you do not own a boat, Garcia hopes that there will be close to the audience to try and show off the shores of San Diego Bay, waving flags in support of the President of the United States.

Garcia, the organizer of the parade, welcomes anyone who joins it and walks out and bows their flags, and it’s a good time to celebrate America and President Trump.

The first Trump Boat Parade in San Diego Bay attracted about 1,000 boats, and Garcia says the two rounds would bring close to 2,000.

There will be some changes in this parade compared to the first circumambulation. To begin the parade on Sunday, a skydiver will jump from an airplane above the parade route carrying the American flag, signaling the start of San Diego’s second Trump Boat Parade.

The parade will begin at pastures in Point Loma, and end near the Coronado Bridge.

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