Trump says Biden is a dementia patient

US President Donald Trump has been presenting himself as a Superman for most of his life. A person who has immense power who sleeps less rarely falls ill and has shown his amazing performance even on the sports field in the days of Jawani. He once quoted his doctor as saying that he was the healthiest person ever to become president.

The 74-year-old Trump is now on the field for the second time. His confrontation is with 77-year-old Joe Biden. Whoever is chosen will be the oldest ever president. Candidates’ health questions have also played an important role in the US presidential election. But this is becoming the biggest issue this year.

Biden is living on drugs, Trump said

President Trump has repeatedly said that Biden is battling a disease like dementia. Trump claimed last week without any evidence that Biden is living on drugs.

he adopted the same tactic four years ago against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday night, Trump said he and Biden should be drug-tested before the debate. He also challenged Clinton in 2016. Like Clinton, Biden has rejected Trump’s challenge.

Trump quietly treated himself

More recently, questions have been raised about Trump’s mental and physical condition. It has become difficult for him to question the health of his opponent Joe Biden.

Trump has revived the issue in response to a tweet from a critic this week. That being said, Trump suffers from mini-strokes.

He was quietly hospitalized at the Walter Reed National Military Center in Maryland in November last year. Trump has denied the allegations. He has never given a direct answer on this, this raises more questions.

When drinking water also became difficult

A few months after the hospital visit, Trump arrived in West Point to attend a ceremony at the Military Academy. During this time he could not even hold a glass of water properly. He held the glass with both hands to drink water. At the same time he was afraid that if he climbed the stairs he would fall so he used the ramp.

New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt wrote in his book “Donald Trump vs. United States” that Mike Pompeo was placed on standby during the ceremony so that Trump could handle the situation if he needed anesthesia.

Trump was furious when the news came

After reading Michael S. Schmidt’s book, former President Bill Clinton’s press secretary in the White House, Joe Lockhart tweeted, “Does Donald Trump have a stroke, which is being hidden from the American public?” Trump was furious when he saw the news the next day.

He also denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. Trump’s campaign then raised the issue of Biden’s health. “He’s actually sick,” he said of Biden.

Trump is overweight

In an interview with the New York Times last week, he started giving information about his health without asking. “I feel good,” he said. I think I’m feeling better than before four.

Last time he weighed 244 pounds (about 110 kg). They are overweight. he likes to eat cheeseburgers. He does not do any exercise except golf, he believes that this is a waste of energy.

A coronary calcium CT scan in 2018 revealed that almost everyone in their 70s has heart disease. Cholesterol-lowering and proper diet are essential to get out of this disease.