Trump calls himself a protector of white Americans

First George Floyd and then Jacob Black. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The blacks accused them of discrimination and oppression. People took to the streets, violence and riots broke out. But President Donald Trump has a different view. He says there is no racism or apartheid in America. If anything, it’s a misconception about white Americans.

Jacob Blake didn’t even mention the name

Trump recently went to Kenosha. Here the police did vandalism with Jacob Black. Blacks are now handicapped. Surprisingly, Jacob didn’t even mention Black. Instead praised the police who fired seven shots. Trump says anti-US propaganda is being run by raising the issue of blacks. This is like a mental illness. We cannot continue it. However, if any such case comes up, file a complaint. Immediate action will be taken. For the Liberals, I can only express my sorrow. Article 101 of the Constitution has been repealed.

This has never happened before

Never before in American politics has a president explicitly called himself a candidate for white Americans. At a Republican convention last month, Trump appeared to be dismissing allegations of racism against blacks and Hispanics. When in fact it is on Trump’s agenda. Remember 2015. Trump launched the campaign. Those who crossed the Mexican border were called rapists.

George Floyd was killed by a white police officer. Trump initially condemned it but later sided with the police. Tried to avoid all the charges against him. Violence and demonstrations were taking place across the country in protest of the incident. The Black Lives Matter campaign continued after Floyd’s death. Trump called it a hate speech. Police were ordered to take strict action.

There was also an advantage

These events show that Trump also succeeded in doing what he wanted to do through statements and tweets. There is a class that considers white Americans right. That class ended up with Trump. He showed a very weak attitude towards the incidents with blacks. He said, why only the police, there are wrong men everywhere. “Trump is extremely radical,” says expert Sherlyn Eiffel. This has never happened before. But this game is dangerous. The White House press secretary defends Trump. “The president is right,” says Kelly McKenzie. There is no question of racism.

The survey says something else

CBS News conducted a poll last week. 66 percent of voters believe Trump supports whites. 50 percent believe Trump acted against blacks. 81 percent of blacks believe Trump did not heed their demands. The survey clearly appeared with black Joe Biden. Meanwhile came a book by Michael D. Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer. According to him, during the 2016 campaign, Trump said that blacks would not support him.

Trump also knows politics well. To strengthen the base among blacks, he fielded football star Herschel Walker and former Democrat MP Vernon Jones. Trump says he has done more for blacks than any other American president.

How true are Trump’s allegations?

Trump denied the allegations of racism in an interview with Fox News last week. Tucker Carlson of the Discovery Institute believes Trump has the support of white Americans. But not everyone.

The issue of racism is complex. You can experience it in US government departments. Now the US government is going to train the staffers to overcome it. Russell T. Watt, director of Office Management and Budget in the Trump administration, says allegations of racism or apartheid in government departments are false and nothing more than propaganda. This issue is being misinterpreted. If anything, steps will be taken to remove it. Blacks are a major contributor to America’s development.