The United States tested a hypersonic missile, 17 times faster than sound

Army tests US missile 17 times faster in the Pacific in March
Russia and China already have this type of missile, the navies of both countries will have this missile from 2019

The United States has developed a hypersonic missile with 17 times the speed of sound. The hypersonic missile was tested in the Pacific Ocean in March, according to a senior U.S. military official. Which was a complete success? The test was reported in a CN report. US President Donald Trump hinted at developing such a missile in May. This is the first time, however, that a military official has made such a claim.

America is now going to test a cruise missile. However, it will not be a lens with atomic strength. On March 20, the U.S. reported successful testing of a missile 5 times faster than sound.

America will test 40 hypersonic missiles

“We will be testing 40 flights of hypersonic missiles in four years,” said Mark Lewis, director of defense research and engineering at the United States. The United States has already tested a long-range X-51 missile in the Pacific. Russia and China are ahead in terms of such weapons. Seeing that, the Trump administration is also focusing on developing hypersonic missiles. “China has acquired this technology using American formulas,” said a U.S. defense scientist.

Russia and China already have such missiles

A hypersonic missile can typically hit a target at 5 times the speed of sound. It can be dropped from many heights. In December 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the addition of the first hypersonic missile, the Avangard, to his army. China informed Russia of its DF-17 hypersonic missile in October 2019, two months ago.

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