Astronaut Warning – 1 Million Asteroids Will Collide

Usually asteroids come to Earth and pass close by. However, one astronaut claims that there are about 1 million such asteroids in space that could collide with Earth. Paoli Nespoli, who previously worked for the European Space Agency, has made this claim. Nespoli, who will retire in 2018 at the age of 61, has made several important trips to space. Now he has made a shocking claim.

More than 1 million asteroids could collide with Earth

Nespoli tweeted, “There are over 1 million asteroids, large and small, that could collide with Earth. Right now we are ignoring the possibility that a giant asteroid could come suddenly. Action must be taken now. ” Nespoli made this claim by sharing a video of the 163348 (2002 NN4) asteroid. The asteroid landed just 3.2 million miles away in June, not much distance. Most asteroids are believed to be found between Mars and Jupiter. If an extremely fast rock is likely to come close to about 4.6 million miles to Earth, the space organization considers it dangerous.

The largest asteroid to collide in the year 2880

NASA’s Sentry system is already monitoring such threats. According to this system, the asteroids that are really threatening the Earth are still 850 years away. In the year 2880, an asteroid 29075 (1950DA) as large as New York’s Empire State Building is likely to come close to Earth. However, scientists are confident that a Planetary Defense System will be developed in the near future on which work has already begun.

Every year 30 small asteroids collide with the Earth

There are about 1 billion asteroids with a diameter of more than 1 meter, according to The Planetary Society, but this does not pose a threat to Earth. Asteroids larger than 30 meters can do a lot of damage to the Earth. It is said that 30 small asteroids collide with the Earth each year, but this does not cause much damage.

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