Imran government wants to get rid of Dawood Ibrahim

Pakistan, which has been sheltering India’s most wanted Dawood Ibrahim for two decades, now wants to get rid of him. But now he is trapped in it. The government may be ready to give it to India, but the army is not ready for it. The army wants to kill him outside Pakistan. The biggest thing is that the army and the government will have to make a decision soon. This is because, in October, Pakistan will have to submit a report to the Financial Task Force (FTF) on counter-terrorism. Unknowingly, a few days ago, Pakistan admitted that Dawood was in Pakistan.

Dr. Amjad Ayub Mirza, a Pakistani writer and journalist currently living in London, has revealed about Pakistan’s army and government regarding Dawood. Read Mirza’s analysis on this issue …..

Gray list of FTF
Every condition of the FTF has to be met if Pakistan is to survive bankruptcy. Because without it the World Bank, IMF or Asian Development Bank will not give him a loan. Pakistan has been on the gray list since July 2018. Pakistan is at risk of being blacklisted in October unless tough and decisive action is taken against the terrorists with evidence. Now it is up to David to decide. Because the Imran government has failed to accept that Dawood is in Karachi. India has been giving many proofs of this to many countries of the world for many years.

That is why David was needed for the army
In the early 1980s, the Pakistani military turned drug trafficking into a source of income. Opium and heroin were being imported from Afghanistan. The army was supplying him internationally through Dawood Ibrahim’s network. That is, the drug supply was done by David’s men. Millions of dollars were earned and then distributed. Retired Army Lieutenant General Fazal Haque was made the governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa so that smuggling would not be hampered.

Where the drug money was going
A portion of the proceeds was spent preparing terrorists. Leaders, judges, journalists were given large sums of money so that they would not open their mouths under any circumstances. Millions of dollars worth of property was built in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. In 2015, the Pakistani model Ayan Ali was arrested for the racket. In 2012, customs officer Habib Ahmed said 2,000 tonnes of heroin was smuggled from Pakistan every year. Afghanistan produces 6,000 tons of opium every year.

Separatist leaders also got a stake
A large part of the black money from drugs also went to the separatist leaders of Kashmir. Among them are Yasin Malik, Ali Shah Gilani and some others. Violence is also used in Kashmir for smuggling. Dawood’s network has been almost wiped out by the Indian Intelligence Agency and the Mumbai Police. He was declared a global terrorist in 2003, and now Dawood’s name is among the 88 terrorists that Pakistan has taken action against.

Why pampered became burdensome
It is difficult for Pakistan to get credit without fulfilling the conditions of FATF. The drug business is now almost over. As a result, the government and the army have no choice. They are trapped. If David is prosecuted, he will have to give evidence. So far Dawood has been consistently denied being in Pakistan. Now even the Pakistan Army does not want to keep him alive. Now he can kill her but he will not be able to hide his secret.

Problem for Pakistan
The army has made passports to the Commonwealth Country Dominica to take David out and kill him. He plans to send it to several Caribbean countries. However, Indian intelligence agencies are keeping a close eye. Dawood cannot get out of Pakistan. If Dawood is killed, Imran’s chair will not survive

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