GTU allows multiple ‘login’ in online exams, no use of iPhone in exams

GTU issues revised guideline due to several complications in previous guidelines

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has issued special guidelines for online exams to be taken on 17th August. In case of any problem during the exam, students will be able to log in multiple times. While not being able to use the iPhone in the exam.

The students were confused and furious
Extensive guidelines have been issued by GTU. A one-page guideline for the exam was earlier issued by GTU. The students were confused as there was a problem with electricity during the online exam or the net connection was lost.

Logged in several times again
Based on the students’ submissions, GTU has issued a new revised four-page guideline stating that if the power goes out or the net is disconnected during the online exam, the examinee can log in again and the examinee can log in any number of times. However, the new guideline did not specify whether the iPhone could not be used during the online exam.

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