Group of Captain will land Raphael

The MiG landed 12 years ago on the night the engine stopped due to an explosion in the air.

Raphael between France and the UAE was refueled in the air. The air will also be refueled twice from the UAE to India

Raphael will be led by Air Force President Bhadauria, wear tight around Ambala airbase. Also, the ban on drone cameras. After taking off from Aldhafara Airbase in UAE, the fighter plane will land directly at the airbase at Ambala in Haryana.

After covering a distance of 7,000 km from France, today five raffles will arrive on Indian soil for the first time. Our border guard will land at Ambala Airbase. These five fighter planes will give the Indian Air Force the power that the enemy will not even think to look up. This aircraft capable of carrying atomic bombs is the only fighter aircraft in the world that has the power to destroy the enemy even from an altitude of 55,000 feet. The most important thing is that this power is not with both our neighbors Pakistan and China. Which is to say a neighbor .. but fixed always keeps like enemies.

Likely to arrive by noon
Raphael is expected to arrive at the airbase by noon. The first of five aircraft will be landed by Harkirat Singh, Commanding Officer of the 17th Golden Arrow Squadron of the Air Force and Group Captain of the Heroic Chakra Winning Group. Behind will be 4 other Raphael Lands. Many Western Command officials, including Air Chief RKS Bhadauria, will be present at the Ambala Air Force Station for leadership.

The families of the pilots who brought Raphael will also be present on the occasion. After landing, Raphael will be given a ‘water salute’. Then all five Raphael will be lined up. Then the army will be ceremonial. Section 144 will apply around the Air Force Station during landing. The use of drone cameras up to 3 km will also be banned.

The story of Harkirat’s passion that brought the first Raphael
In the Army, Group Captain Harkirat Singh was honored with the Chakra of Heroism for putting the plane in a safe place at the risk of his life despite having a bad engine in difficult conditions.
The incident took place on September 23, 2008. He was then the Squadron Leader. The MiG-21 was flying from an airbase in Rajasthan for a night study in Bison. At an altitude of 4 km, they heard explosions from the engine. Darkness spread in the cockpit as the engine stopped. Harkirat turned on the emergency light and managed to control the fire anyway. He then tried to start the engine without delay.

Turning on the engine he landed at night through a navigation system using ground control, which requires high skill. Harkirat could have jumped if he wanted to, but he also landed the MiG safely. Harkirat’s father Nirmal Singh has been a lieutenant colonel. His wife is the Wing Commander at Ambala Air Force Station and is on ground duty.

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