CEAT launches puncture safe tires for bikes, tires will automatically seal punctures

The biggest concern for drivers while driving is not to get a puncture in the tire somewhere. This becomes a big problem, especially for two-wheeler riders. But CEAT, a famous tire manufacturer, has launched punctured safe tires in the Indian market. These tires are available in the size of each bike.

Use of sealant technology in tires
The company has dubbed these tires Puncture Safe Tires and the company claims that these tires do not puncture. That means the rider can travel without any worries. In addition, sealant technology has also been used in these tires. With the help of this technology, the tire manually seals the punctured area and is ready for driving. These tires typically come in a special box package.

How do tires work?
These new tubeless tires come with CEAT’s patented sealant technology. This technology prevents air from escaping from the tire if a tire gets stuck in the tire and the rider can drive without stopping anywhere. The company claims that this sealant technology can easily fill holes up to 2.5mm in diameter and prevent tires from puncturing.

Where can I buy tires?
The company has launched these tires in 7 different sizes. Available for selected models ranging from Hero to Honda and Bajaj. The company will periodically expand its range and try to make this type of tire suitable for most models. Currently, these tires are available for sale only at selected dealerships in the country, including Kerala, Bengaluru, Masur, Tamil Nadu and Coimbatore.

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