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Thursday, October 6, 2022

X-Men Fanart stars Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X

Some awesome X-Men fanart featured Giancarlo Esposito as Charles Xavier. rumors about better call Saul The star playing Professor X in the MCU has been flying around for weeks now. But, things got really heated when Countdown City Geeks spoke to the actor about his meeting with Marvel Studios. Once that news reached there, the floodgates opened. But, nothing has been announced and people are waiting for any mention of X-Men. Many rumors speculate that D23’s team of Kevin Feige might hold the key to whatever it has in store for the mutants going forward. For now, check out Subi Ozil’s fanart for yourself.

“So, I haven’t worked for Marvel yet,” the actor said. “I’ve been in a room with them and talked with them, and to answer your question, I think what they do is along the lines of that mythical journey that Joe Campbell talked about. , which was a friend of George Lucas. George Lucas put in his stories. They do the same thing.”

“So, speaking of Magneto, there has been talk of Dr. Freeze, there has been talk of who else are they talking about? Oh, Doom! And there is Professor X. Pick one? I’m going to pick something that’s a little different. I’m going to go and in-universe tell it it’s Professor X. Esposito continued.

Comicbook.com managed to talk to the head of Marvel Studios after Comic-Con this year. He talked about the way forward. The scenes after the credits can be quite different.

“The truth is, all tags are never about the future. There are tags that are eating shawarma, Captain America saying you know you have to learn patience, sometimes, you know, You wait for something that isn’t worth it. So they’re always fun for us,” Feige said. “We don’t want everything to look the same. So some tags will connect and some of them will not. Some movies and shows will connect, some of them won’t. I think it’s just as important as we have standalone early stories can be like Ms. Marvelto like Moon Knight, other than those things that ties together and builds towards the bigger story. all we’re doing is building this big story, obviously Kang Dynasty And the Multiverse Saga, and now I think people will, I hope, come along for the ride. Both where you are from the express train to the finale, that too when it’s fun, as we had in many Phase 1, 2 and 3 films.”

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Reference from comicbook.com

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