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Willow series writer promises deep-cut references to all corners of franchise lore

to come willow Writer John Kasdan told ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis that the series for Disney+ will have deep-cut references that will be detail-oriented and rewarding long-term fans. During an appearance at Star Wars Celebration, we caught up with Kasdan, whose family has been involved in the world of Lucasfilm for decades (his father, Lawrence Kasdan, worked for) the Empire Strikes Back And Raiders of the Lost Ark), promised allegiance to the source material, and talked about his experiences with the original willow Director Ron Howard, with whom Kasdan had previously worked Solo: A Star Wars Story, Howard serves as an executive producer on the new willow,

According to Kasdan, Willow has a lot of new characters and concepts, but it’s all based in a world established not only by the film, but by other sources of Willow lore. Considering how much has been said about an original film over the years, this seems like a creative way to flesh out the universe and make it feel more alive.

“It’s a brand new thing. From the moment I joined star wars With George, with Cathy, with my father, I saw an opportunity here willow To bring this story back,” Kasdan said. “I knew Warrick was eager to do it, to play it again, and then when Ron came over and worked with us on the solo, he was equally itself was curious, and we let go . I just thought, ‘How do I do this, and how do I give it the same allegiance we tried to give Solo, I have deep cuts willow The show, and references to tabletop games and novelizations. We went deep, and hope true fans appreciate it.”

He had nothing but admiration for Howard, noting that the pair talked willow on the set of SoloCreating an unforgettable and somewhat surreal moment for anyone who grew up around you star wars And willow,

,[Ron] Kasdan said, “It’s all excitement and all fun, and I shouldn’t call it something that my dad can see, but if I have a role model it’s Ron.” “He brings so much momentum and energy to everything, and without it, we wouldn’t have been able to do it. Being on set with him, you’re sitting there in the chair, and he’s looking out. willow With you when you’re shooting on the Millennium Falcon, and that’s the best thing you can do.”

Following the events of the 1988 fantasy film, a group of all-new characters travel to the Enchanted Realm. Fairies are queens, and Aborisk monsters are to be found. Willow Ufgood is back with some new faces too. falcon and winter soldierKay Erin Kellyman stars as Jade, army of One Alum Aamer Chadha-Patel as Burman, SnakeEllie Bamber as Dove, and Easttown’s MareRuby Cruz in kit form.

Stefan Wolfenden is directing the pilot episode. John M. Choo and Jonathan Entwistle are expected to direct other episodes of the Disney+ series.

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from comicbook.com

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