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Thor 4 Review, The Boys Season 3 Finale, Stranger Things 4 Recap

cb nation crew reviews Thor: Love and Thunder And boys We dive deep into the discussion of the Season 3 finale, as well. strange things season 4, We also leak and discuss the MCU Namor leak, Daredevil’s return to Echo Ms. Marvel With Red Dagger actor Aramis Knight!

In his review of The Boys Season 3 finale, host Kofi Outlaw said the following:

Without a doubt, The Boys’ Season 3 finale delivered the biggest and best battle sequence the series has ever seen — and that’s really saying something after the epic tag-team match during the episode “Herogame”… Said it all [The Finale] The Boys confirmed one major shortcoming in Season 3: the lack of any real substantial plot advancement. This season was all about character development. It was great for the cast to be able to flex their acting muscles (which they surprisingly did), but it also felt somewhat overwhelming, narratively. … the boys are still playing it somewhat safe in terms of keeping the main ensemble cast – a game that gets tedious after a while

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