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The Punisher’s Thomas Jane Reveals Marvel’s Rejected Rob Zombie Sequel

the Punisher Star Thomas Jane reveals his pitch to Marvel Punisher 2 and a version of the Scrapped Sequel directed by Rob Zombie. In the 2004 Marvel Comics adaptation of Lionsgate, Jane starred as Frank Castle, a violent vigilante who waging a war on crime after his family is murdered by a mob. During a recent appearance at Fanboy Expo Knoxville, Tennessee’s pop culture convention, Jen said there were “two iterations” of one. Punisher Sequel that never went ahead, led by Marvel Studios chairman and CEO Avi Arad. Lionsgate rebooted with 2008 Punisher: BattlefieldJane was replaced by Ray Stevenson at Castle and Lexi Alexander replaced Jonathan Hensley as director.

There were a few iterations of ” Punisher 2, One of them was with Rob Zombie directing, which I thought would be interesting. But that was an iteration,” said Jane. house of 1000 corpses And Satan’s Rejection film producer. “We were batting around script ideas and trying to find a new director. The people at Marvel wanted to go with a different director, and it was their choice, so it was like, ‘That person. who will be?'”

John Dahl, 1998 director kind of sport and 2001 joy ride, was negotiating a follow-up with Jane but dropped out in 2007. the Punisher According to the actor, the sequel “went through many different kinds of people”, including the “extremely talented” Walter Hill.

hard time And 48 hours film producer ,was a crap, great action [director], but economical, sparse dialogue, his sense of humor was great but he was really good with the action. He’s a man’s man director, isn’t he?”

“We met and fell in love with each other and went to the studio. Walter said, ‘I’ll write it, and direct it, and that’s it.’ He ended up saying no to Walter Hill for reasons beyond my understanding,” Jane said. “At the same time I said, ‘If you’re not going to make perfect’ Punisher Do a film with the right man, so who else do you have?’ He made another director, who really didn’t do anything in that ballpark, and so that’s when I had to drop out. I had to say, ‘Listen, I’m not sure if you guys really understand what you’re going through. So, the chances of it climbing up are very high.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Jane wanted to adapt 1986 Punisher: The circle of blood — Writer Steven Grant’s five-issue story landed the Punisher in prison—but the idea is a “we never really got away.”

,blood cycle Inevitably, the punisher is arrested and thrown in jail. And everyone in there wants to kill him because he had a hand in taking away all these friends,” said Jane, laughing. “He was going to the lion’s den, and of course, he put himself there on purpose. Because he was then a friend who was invincible, he distanced himself to go after these men. I thought, ‘We can have a lot of fun doing this.’ But that’s about as much as we got with it.”

In 2017, Marvel TV resumed with Jon Bernthal taking over as the character. brave spinoff series Marvel’s The PunisherWhich ran for two seasons before being canceled on Netflix. Bernthal is rumored to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe under Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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