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Star Wars Creator George Lucas Had to Fight Fox Executives Who Wanted to Change the Film’s Ending

The story of how George Lucas got his first star wars Film Made remains one of the most interesting stories in the entertainment industry. Sure, star wars One of the biggest hits franchises of all time, but bringing that first film (now called “A New Hope”) to theaters was actually an ‘all-odds’ achievement. From George Lucas to Leaving the Studio System star warsFor all the problems that occurred during production, the film often seemed doomed before every birth.

TODAY movie fans are in on the story of re-creating Star Wars: A New Hope For a different reason: the ongoing discussion of how studio executives can (and often do) ruin a project’s creative potential with excessive interference. Vice TV has a series toys that make us Producer Brian Volk-Weiss, Said Traces Revealed: Star Wars, The show is giving a new generation of fans a deep insight into what went with making it star wars Movies – This includes talking to the people involved, we rarely hear from Marcia Lucas, George Lucas’ ex-wife, who edited A New Hope and rarely interviews.

A nugget of insight that Marcia elaborated on how 20th Century Fox executives wanted to change the ending Star Wars: A New Hope Build on the iconic finale we now know and love. Marcia Lucas in ‘Telling George Lucas’ Exceeded Budget and Had Too Many Difficulties Making star wars The only thing the execution set out to do was an ending that would have seen the Millennium Falcon in a dogfight with “four TIE fighters”.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Executive Intervention Stories Star Wars: A New Hope Sure has been told before – but it’s a pretty wild description to find out more about. It’s hard to know for sure how the authorities plan to integrate the sequence, but there is a clear connecting point:

After Han Solo and Luke Skywalker successfully rescue Princess Leia and Obi-Wan Kenobi falls into battle with Darth Vader, the heroic group escapes from the Empire. The third act of Star Wars sees Luke accompany the Rebel Alliance and embark on a mission to destroy the Death Star, resulting in the major climax and hero-worshipping ceremony that is now one of the most iconic parts of A New Hope. . From the sound of things, the exec wanted the movie to end with the heroes after Kenobi died, and had to do space combat with some TIE fighters (including Vader?) to get away.

This is speculation, but it seems to be true. if that was has been the case, though star wars It wouldn’t have been a crowd-pleasing hit – certainly not as a standalone film. The third act “Battle of Yavin” was the finale that stunned and excited film audiences, as well as cementing the journey arc of Luke Skywalker’s protagonist as one of the greatest in film history. Empire Strikes Back And return of jedic The latter would come and expand the mythology, but Star Wars: A New Hope is still good as a movie of its own, without a franchise after it.

Good thing the filmmakers won that battle instead of suits.

Star Wars: A New Hope Available to stream on Disney+.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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