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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sony Pictures asks fans for their favorite Spider-Man lineup

Sony Pictures took to social media to ask fans about their favorite version of Spider-Man and his crew. The official Twitter account actually popped the question on Peter Parker’s birthday. (Spider-Man: Far From Home offered this quote as a reflection of the comics.) Fans are definitely building up their roster and it includes one of 4 theatrical Spider-Men. Check out some of the best bridges for yourself below.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Co-writer Chris McKenna spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about each one of the actors’ different ways to land a Marvel superhero role. Things are quite different for Peter Parker, depending on who is under that mask. (If it’s Peter Parker too!)

Co-author Chris McKenna explained, “Toby wanted to be very, very little about how much you know. Very, very little.” “Andrew really loved the idea that he was still torturing what happened amazing spider man 2 And where did he leave her, and how could they bring her to Tom? ‘We can sympathize with you. We know what phase you are going through. If anyone in the world knows what you are going through, it is us. But at the same time, ‘we can be beacons.’ Tobey in particular has come through that darkness. We thought it was good that Peter of Andrew was still in the midst of that darkness. They weren’t here to just go, ‘Two terrifying Jedi Knight heroes who show up and are going to help you take down the bad guys.’ They are going through their things. We were trying to write characters that they did such a great job of making those characters and those stories and those worlds and being really true so that it didn’t feel like we were doing curtain calls, fan-service.

What’s your lineup? Tell us below in the comments!

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