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Monday, October 3, 2022

Russell Crowe Joins Horror Movie, Overlord Director From Pope’s Exorcist

back in 2018 overlord hit theaters and was a hit with critics and audiences alike, earning a critics score of 81% and an audience score of 66% rotten Tomatoes, The film was directed by Julius Avery, who is returning for another horror film, which is set to star Russell Crowe. According to Hollywood Reportercrow has been cast pope’s exorcist As Father Gabriel Amorth, a real-life priest who served as the Vatican’s chief exorcist and performed more than 100,000 exorcisms in his lifetime.

Avery is filming a new thriller for Screen Gems, which will be drawn from two of Amorth’s memoirs, An exorcist tells his story And An Exorcist: More Stories, The real Amorath was 91 years old and passed away in 2016. His books “detailed his experiences of battling the demons who held people in their evil.” The current script was adapted by Chuck McLean starring Evan Spiliotopoulos with modifications. Production is expected to begin in Ireland in September.

“Working with Russell has been my goal,” Avery said in a statement. “Wonderful to collaborate with him on pope’s exorcist Truly a dream come true.”

It’s a big time for Crowe, who is about to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor: Love and Thunder. Oscar winning actor Playing the role of Zeus. Last month’s trailer release gave fans their first official look at the film, and the actor celebrated by changing his profile picture on Twitter. In a recent interview with Disney (via) Prima facie), Chris Hemsworth talks about working with Crowe and praised his performance Thor: Love and Thunder,

“I never thought I’d see the day Russell appeared on screen with signs the Gladiator Imagery, yet with a wink—completely self-deprecating. He didn’t lag behind. I am such a fan. I have been since I first started acting. There is so much weight and seriousness to his performance and to him, as a person, from afar. But he has a great sense of humor in meeting him and Taika did whatever he asked on the sets, which was mind-blowing. And it was really fun to play with mythology, from Norse to Greek mythology – Taika pulls all these worlds together,” Hemsworth shared.

Are you excited to see Crow star? pope’s exorcist, Tell us in the comments!

pope’s exorcist No release date yet. Thor: Love and Thunder To be released in cinemas on 8th July.

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