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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Psycho-Pass announces new film for 10th anniversary launch

psycho pass It remains one of anime’s best thriller IPs in history, and believe it or not, the franchise is turning 10 this year. With different seasons and movies, psycho pass A lot has been done in the last decade. And now, IP is celebrating its big milestone by putting a new film on the horizon.

Yes that is right! psycho pass The production is receiving a new project from IG, and the film will bring fans into yet another high-stakes criminal case.

According to a new report by Production IG, Psycho-Pass: Providence In production in the studio. As you can see above, a poster was released shortly after the big project went public. It didn’t take long for the scene to make the rounds online. So of course, the anime fantasy is everyone’s excited about. psycho pass to make your return.

Of course, it hasn’t been too long since production IG checked in on IP. The franchise began with a TV series in 2012, which dropped a second season in 2014. from there, psycho pass To see its cases turned to the big screen. The last film fell in 2019, and Psycho-Pass: Providence It looks like a 2023 release is targeted if all goes well.

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If you are not familiar psycho pass, you can catch up on the series ASAP thanks to Crunchyroll. The original title leans heavily on the cyberpunk genre popular from decades ago blade Runner Being a clear collection. Set in a futuristic version of Japan, the society is monitored by a computer network that calculates each citizen’s criminal capacity. When someone’s likelihood of evil reaches a certain level, authorities are dispatched to handle the matter, and psycho pass Follows the lives of several officers working under the Public Safety Bureau of the Ministry of Welfare.

Need to know more? You can read the official synopsis for psycho pass Here: “In the future, thinking about a crime makes you guilty, and the barrel of a gun brings justice. Detectives work in teams made up of enforcement and inspectors. Enforcers take out the bad guys, and inspectors make sure.” that their comrades do not cross the border. The equalizer in the war against thugs is the Dominator, a weapon that can tell when civilians are about to become criminals.”

are you excited psycho pass Bringing this new movie? What do you want to see from this big project? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB,

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Reference from comicbook.com

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