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Pre director reveals Jackie Chan’s influence on Predator movie

have already revealed that filmmaker Terrence Malick’s movies were an inspiration for Hulu’s hit new film to hunt, director Dan Trachtenberg has lifted even more veils from the Predator film, confirming that Jackie Chan’s films also served as an influence. speaking an interview with filmcastTrachtenberg spoke at length about casting actress Amber Midthunder for the lead role in the film, and how she watched a lot of films featuring the Hong Kong martial artist and film superstar, specifically how she found herself physically fit. and help communicate important pieces of information about it. His characters without saying a word.

“We did a lot of Jackie Chan references,” Trachtenberg revealed. “Every time I brought it up, I definitely felt very uncomfortable, because she was like, ‘Why are we still talking about Jackie Chan?’ I just kept watching him movies. The thing I kept showing him– do you remember Armour of God, he’s chewing gum and he throws the gum against the back and it bounces back into his mouth? And it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, this guy’s like, good and he’s capable of doing things.’ It was such a challenge with her that you believe she’s not a zero, she’s not a hero who turns out to be a hero. She’s starting out in a place where there’s physical potential, but she’s not completely there. He’s got to ease his tension, he’s got to earn his streaks, he’s got to go through some sh-t.”

He continued, “So to me it was like how can there be something in his physicality that makes him feel like he has an ability but not like ‘I’m the most badass ever.’ So it’s in the little touches as she lifts the tomahawk and bites, which was the main Jackie Chan effect. She and she used to slide and kick down the mountain. So just a little swashbuckle in the shortest moments It happens that you just believe in his physical center. So for me the whole point of watching him a million Jackie Chan movies was like those two things.”

Trachtenberg also noted that he was “throwing down the gauntlet” for his lead actress in order to use Chan as an influence on the film, challenging her to perform movements and physicality on set so that the cameras would But it remains to be seen that it was she and not the stunt double. Chan’s effect, however, posed a unique problem, as the film could not really depict traditional martial arts moves without detracting from the rest of their authenticity for region and time.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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