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No the film is set to be a permanent part of the Universal Studios Hollywood Tour

Filmmaker Jordan Peele’s latest film No It hasn’t been revealed to audiences yet, but Universal Studios Hollywood is already investing in how compelling the experience will be, as it has confirmed that Jupiter’s claimed film set will become a permanent part of their studio tour. With this tour honoring some of the most iconic films in Universal Pictures Entertainment history, it’s clear that thrilling adventures are expected to leave a huge impact on audiences. Jupiter claims film set will officially open as part of Universal Studios Hollywood tour when No Will hit theaters on July 22.

Per press release, “Original Jupiter Claims Set from Jordan Peele’s Massive New Horror Epic, Nowill be featured exclusively at Universal Studios Hollywood as a new attraction on the World Famous Studio Tour, starting Friday, July 22, coinciding with the theatrical release of the new summer event film from Universal Pictures and Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions.

“The impressive and detailed Jupiter claim was created by set production designer Ruth DeJong, then carefully disassembled post-production and taken to Universal Studios Hollywood where it was meticulously rebuilt on site, with original props and details from the film. completed with.

“Jordan Peele, along with producing partners Ian Cooper and Monkeypaw Productions, are thrilled to bring the film’s fictional theme park to Universal Studios Hollywood as a permanent studio tour attraction. In partnership with the studio tour’s set integration concept. Production begins.Filmmakers are working closely with Universal Creative at Universal Studios Hollywood to ensure authenticity and accuracy.

“Jupiter’s claim set – which can only be viewed on the Studio Tour – marks the first time a Studio Tour attraction has opened with a film release. It will be staged within Universal Studios’ backlot along with a host of other iconic film sets including Steven Spielberg is involved war of the WorldsInfamous psychoanalyst Alfred Hitchcock’s House psychoanalyst, and Courthouse Square from Robert Zemeckis back to the future,

“I remember visiting Universal Studios when I was 12 and being charmed. That experience fueled my passion and drive to someday join the meta-magic of ‘Backlot Life. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of directing three films for Universal,” said Jordan Peele. “It’s a privilege to honor these collaborations with my studio partners, crew members and cast, and to be able to share Jupiter’s claim with fans.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Jordan Peele and bring a piece of his innovative film to Universal Studios Hollywood for our guests to experience,” said Scott Stroble, EVP and General Manager, Universal Studios Hollywood. “Jordan’s creativity and ingenuity has created unique, thought-provoking films, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase our original Jupiter’s claim as a permanent centerpiece attraction on studio tours, providing our guests with authentic film experience.” A front-row seat for

“Jordan Peele Disrupts and Redefines Modern Horror With Universal Blockbusters” go and then We, Now, he re-imagines the summer movie with a new pop nightmare. Written, directed and produced by Peele, No Oscar winner reunites filmmaker with Daniel KaluuaGet Out, Judas and the Black Messiah), which is joined by Keke Palmer (hustler, alice) and Oscar nominee Steven Yeun (Minari, Okja) as secluded residents of inland California who witness a supernatural and chilling discovery.

“Jupiter Claims”, set in Southern California’s Santa Clarita Valley, is a family-fun theme park and draws on the white-washed history and aesthetics of the California Gold Rush. Former child star Ricky ‘Jup’ Parks owned and evangelical pride , the claim of Jupiter becomes an important place as the characters seek to investigate mysterious, unexplained events leading them to increased danger and dire consequences.

The studio tour is renowned for taking guests behind the scenes of an authentic film and television production studio. Set with the exciting addition of what Jupiter claims NoThe summer of fun is just getting started at Universal Studios Hollywood, with the progressive rollout of the Electric Studio Tour Tram.

“After the success of go And WeJordan Peele signed an exclusive deal with Universal Pictures and Universal Studios Group for film and television projects. NBCUniversal has built a vibrant, interconnected brand ecosystem that allows its film production partners to leverage their creative vision through expression across their broad portfolio, including content across the company’s multiple platforms and symphony campaigns.

“The company’s commitment to leveraging its resources to evolve its film and television programming from cultural moments to 365-day evergreen franchises that provide fans with content extensions, branded experiences, unique products and games, and truly immersive themes.” Park attractions or integrations, as a result of this unprecedented partnership at Universal Studios Hollywood No,

“On July 22, fans can experience No On its opening weekend at Universal CityWalk’s state-of-the-art Universal Cinema, an AMC theater, before heading to Universal Studios Hollywood to see the film’s original set. After all, it’s a place to watch movies, where movies are made.”

More information is available at www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com,

No Hits theaters on July 22.

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