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Friday, October 7, 2022

New paranormal activity could target 2023 release

paranormal activity The franchise returned last year with Paranormal Activity: Next to Kin On Paramount+, with Diversity It has recently been claimed that the eighth entry in the series is targeted for a 2023 release date. At the height of the franchise’s popularity, sequels were hitting theaters on a yearly basis, so it is unclear what the next installment will be or if the studio only hopes to develop the next film in 2023, regardless of its current status. . whereas next of kin Skipped theaters and went directly to Paramount+, it’s unclear whether the next installment will explore a similar release strategy.

The first film in the series centered on a couple who began recording strange events around their home after they felt they were being targeted by supernatural forces, most of the follow-up films of which were based on this overall mythological story. connected with stories. next of kin attempted to revive the concept without making direct ties to its predecessors, allowing it to serve almost as a reboot of the concept for a new generation.

the ambiguity of DiversityK’s comment leaves fans wondering if the upcoming installment will tie in with the original mythology, next of kin, or potentially bridge the gap between those narratives. whereas paranormal activity Previously the head of Blumhouse Productions, audiences shouldn’t expect producer Jason Blum to return to the series.

“It’s already been enough. That last paranormal activity The movie was terrible,” Blum shared with the outlet. HalloweenWe only had the rights to three films, so we said: ‘halloween ends, It ends, at least for Blumhouse. Among other things, you just get the feeling that it’s time to put them to bed. It would be back if a director like Scott Derrickson who loved me said: ‘I have a great idea’ paranormal activity Movies. but it ain’t nothing i wanna do [at the moment],

There has also been speculation whether the series could make a theatrical return. Amid the introduction of various new streaming platforms and the coronavirus pandemic limiting box-office capacity, several projects started on streaming services that might have hit theaters as usual in the past two years. Streaming service HBO Max has completely scrapped several highly anticipated projects, leaving fans wondering if other streamers will follow suit and put more movies in theaters.

Stay tuned for details on paranormal activity Voting.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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