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New Multiverse season 1 release date announced

After a delay earlier this month, multiverse Developers Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games have announced that multiverse Season 1 will go ahead and actually launch on August 15th. The free-to-play platform brawler was initially set for release on August 9, featuring Morty. rick and morty As a new playable character. Now, however, the two releases have split because Morty will actually be involved. multiverse As part of Season 1 on August 23rd but not directly at launch.

“We’re pleased to announce that Season 1 will begin August 15th with a brand new Battle Pass so you can earn in-game rewards!” official announcement of new multiverse The Season 1 release date reads in part. “We can also confirm that Morty will be joining the character roster as part of Season 1 on August 23. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks!”

You can see the full announcement about multiverse Below are the release date for Season 1 and the release of Morty for myself:

as noted above, multiverse Season 1 is set to officially begin on August 15th with a new Battle Pass featuring a bevy of in-game rewards. Additionally, Morty is now set to join the roster of playable fighters on August 23rd. In general, multiverse Currently available in open beta on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Video game is a free-to-play platform brawler with a focus on 2-on-2 team fights. The title includes full cross-play support as well as server-based rollback netcode. You can see all of our previous coverage of the free-to-play platform brawler video game right here.

Are you looking forward to the release? multiverse session 1? What do you think about the season delay and the split on Morty’s release date? Tell us in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up on Twitter directly @rollinbishop To talk about all things gaming!

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from comicbook.com

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