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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Ms. Marvel Directors Teased “Muck Darker” Batgirl Movie

Ms. Marvel Directors Adil El Arabi and Bilal Falah are moving from Jersey City to Gotham City. About 16-year-old Pakistani-American Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) living in the MCU’s Jersey City, the Disney+ series turns the living fantasy of superhero fangirls into colorful, whimsical reality. But, he bad boys for Life Professionally bringing the directorial duo known as Adil and Bilal burtonsk Touch Back in Gotham when Barbara Gordon (Leslie Grace) suits up opposite Batman (Michael Keaton) at DC bat girl Movies.

“The thing is, it’s also an origin story, but obviously, bat girl Gotham is in City, so it’s going to be deeper than Ms. Marvel“El Arabi told slashfilm after wednesday Ms. Marvel Closing “And our main character is old. I mean, she’s not a teenager, she already has a job.”

As an officer in the Gotham City Police Department and the daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon (of the Justice League JK Simmons), crime-fighter dressed as Grace, works under the influence of a gritty and gritty Gotham ,90s Batman: The Animated Series and Tim Burton batman Movies.

“I think we’re still going to try to have the same visual vibrancy that’s our trademark, you might say, and also a tribute to the comic book, to the animated series of Batman and to the Tim Burton movies,” El Arabi said. Told. “So that’s what we’re trying to do with her, but obviously, it’s going to be a little darker than Ms. Marvel’s world.”

After tweeting the first look at her Batgirl outfit with a quote from Batgirl: Year One – “I use his expectations against him. It will be his weakness, not mine,” reads an excerpt – Grace said Barbara Gordon “becomes her own hero” as she replaces veteran Bruce Wayne .

,[Her origin story] Crazy dark like a lot of other superheroes, but I like that she gets to be Batgirl because she wants to make a difference in the world,” the Into the Heights star added allie, “She feels like people underestimate her as Barbara Gordon, and I can relate to that. … It’s the energy of being self-determined.”

Grace continued: “You can’t be afraid to be your own hero, and I think girls need to see that. We all need to see characters who are willing to be autonomous.”

bat girl Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Brendan Frazier as pyromaniac villain Firefly, Ivory Aquino as Alicia Yeoh, and Jacob Scipio (bad boys for Life), Rebecca Front (Thick of it), Corey Johnson (hell boy), and Ethan Kai (killing eve) in unknown roles. TBA has a release date.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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