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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Marvel’s Mark Ruffalo Says The Next Avengers Won’t Be Without She-Hulk

Marvel star Mark Ruffalo says there would be no more Avengers without She-Hulk. He and Tatiana Maslany both sat down together Hollywood Reporter To talk about the show. There was some playful joke about who is stronger. But, he she hulk The star had the last laugh before her co-star said that she would be part of the Marvel team-up at some point. For a decade, people have used Ruffalo as the Big Green Avenger. But now they have to make room for Maslany’s lawyer as well. This admission may not be an official Marvel reveal, but it does follow some sound logic. MCU fans are wondering where their favorite heroes from these Disney+ movies will end up next. She-Hulk seems like a lock to be part of any conflict that further makes itself known. Whether it is thunderbolt or kang victor. the first time after avengers: endgameThings are looking clear for the MCU at large. Hearing Ruffalo say that, there are some big things in store for Jennifer Walters.

“Well, you can have a year. No, he’s in now, there’s not going to be another avengers Without him,” Ruffalo said in surprise, Maslany, before the actor added, “That’s what I hear.”

In a recent meeting with ComicBook.com, the She-Hulk actress was intimidated by the idea of ​​leading the Avengers. She’s pretty new at work, so the impulse is understandable.

“It’s very scary for me,” Maslany told us during the interview. “But it’s also like, yeah, there are so many actors in this universe that I’ve always wanted to work with advertising. If we become superhero goofs together, that would be amazing.”

Furthermore, Maslany says he thinks Walters might be a poor fit to lead such an organization. It’s very early on in her superhero stint, so it’s not like she’s seen anything for war that other heroes like her cousins ​​have.

“I was just thinking I think she’d be really awesome. Like there’s a part of her that can definitely put people in their place, but she’s also kind of self-deprecating in the way that I see her.” Don’t look like, ‘Let’s go!'” the actor continued. “You know what I mean? Like, a few things happen later in the season where we see her respect her superheroness and she does it in a way that’s a little prankster and I love her. “

What role will She-Hulk play in The Avengers? Tell us below in the comments!

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Reference from comicbook.com

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