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Lena Headey sues Cut Thor: Love and Thunder role

Game of Thrones alum Lena Headey is being sued by her former United Kingdom agency, Troika, for $1.5 million over various unpaid commission charges. These fees include Thor: Love and Thunder, a film Heady was cast, eventually his scenes were cut from the film. Troika, now branded as YMU, claimed that Headey specifically owed them at least half a million dollars. love and need, His participation in the Marvel Studios summer blockbuster was never advertised or officially announced, but Diversity confirmed that he did indeed have a role in director Taika Waititi’s original script. The details of that role remain unknown.

Heidi’s Cut Role Is One of Many A-Listers That Have Been Axed Thor 4final cut of star christian bale recently revealed heady Along with Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage Thor: Ragnarok And Jurassic World: Dominion’s Jeff Goldblum is kicked out of Fourquel.

“I got a chance to work with Peter Dinklage, it’s not in the final film, but I got a chance to work with him,” Bell said. “He’s brilliant. I got to work with Jeff Goldblum, he’s not even in the final film. As you see a lot of things end up on the cutting room floor, even if it’s beautiful, fabulous things “

Heady was associated with the said agency from 2005 to 2020. Despite Heady not being part of the agency today, Troika/YMU claims the actress is still owed several commission fees for the projects. Thor 4, 9 pillsAnd Rita, Headey starred alongside Sam Worthington 9 pillsA theatrical release that exploded at the box office. Rita also failed to do anything, as the Showtime series only ran for a single pilot episode. Agency claims Heady owed them $300,000 and $650,000 9 pills And Rita, respectively. Beyond the commission fee, Troika/YMU are seeking an order to Heady to pay the said fee, damages for breach of contract, interest and reimbursement of legal fees.

Headey refuted the claims, saying that he never signed a contract with either Troika/YMU or the aforementioned agency co-founder Michael Duff. Duff was also Headey’s personal representative. Headey further claimed that her partnership with Duff was nothing more than a verbal agreement.

Former Cersei Lannister exclusively pushes back Troika/YMU claim Thor: Love and Thunder commission because that opportunity was presented to him by Waititi himself. In addition, Headey claims 9 pills Negotiations were made without her agency or Duff’s assistance. related to RitaHeady states that she has already paid Troika/YMU $22,750 out of her $325,000 earnings, which ran through a single episode of the series.

Heidi and Marvel representatives were contacted Diversity But did not respond to a request for comment till the time of publication of the article. Troika/YMU as well as agency lawyers and Heady did not respond at press time.

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from comicbook.com

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