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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Kevin Smith’s New Movie Set in the Eighties

for the first time since 2016 yoga hoserKevin Smith recently revealed that he’s writing a new film that, by all means, won’t be in the “view escapes” of the movies. clerks, mallratsAnd dogma, At the time, Smith gave little details, but he did reveal a little more on the latest episode of Fatman Beyond, revealing that the film is a period piece, set in the 1980s. This will be the first time Smith has attempted a period piece, with his directorial efforts so far in comedy and TV shows set in the present day.

Smith acknowledged that one of the challenges of writing some sets in the past is to resist the urge to make too many meta jokes that separate the present of the film from the present of the world in which the film is being written. He also said that he was watching some coming-of-age movies to get in the right mindset, especially praising 2013. way way back,

“I’m enjoying spending time in 1986, which – I always think I have a pretty good memory of the past, but now I’m like, I’m far from that period, and so am I of the era.” Listening to the music takes a very deep dive,” Smith said, “…to be fair, it’s really the only music I’ve ever heard.”

He also gave some teases about the film’s structure, comparing it to some of his early writings.

“It’s been a wild ride,” Smith said. “There’s no plot, it just wanders. It reminds me of some crap I used to write before I was formally, ‘There are three acts, blah blah blah.’ It reminds me more, for lack of a better description, clerks Its structure is very less. It just starts and then stops. This kind of does the same thing; There is no big thrust, no big ‘It’s conspiracy.’ It’s more than a day in the life, a snapshot kind of thing.”

You can watch the podcast below, with news of the new film appearing around the 19-minute point.

“When I start a new script, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, what are the possibilities here?’ Like, ‘What’s going to happen?’ Don’t care about the people you get paid to write, you know what’s going to be out there, because there’s usually an outline, but that’s the thing you write for yourself, man.” He continued, “Every day is a terrifying adventure, it’s electric, where you’re exploring this thing, finding story, and nuance, and falling in love with it. And it’s weird romance. The one you know will end… like it’s intense, it burns f*cking hot as hell, but then at the end of it all, you’ll be done with the screenwriting and it will turn into something more, if You are lucky. So I am in that period.” Smith continued, “Every time I remember how wonderful it is to be a writer.”

Don’t be surprised to hear more about Smith’s next project in the coming weeks, especially as the filmmakers prepare to appear next month at Comic Con International in San Diego.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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