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Jordan Peele reveals the origins of the Scorpion King Hoodie

There were countless things about Jordan Peele No This inspired fan theories and discussion before the film came out, mainly because its plot was so mysterious. Among those subjects were the mysterious wounded woman, the aliens living on the farm, and also why Danielle Kaluu’s character wore a hoodie from the Dwayne Johnson-vehicle. scorpion king, In the context of the film it makes sense but to an outside observer it may seem a bit random. Speaking in a new interview with EmpirePeel was asked about the origin of scorpion king Hoodie, revealing that it came naturally No advanced.

“It wasn’t in the original script,” said Peele. “It was something that you just work on. I knew the character worked on something with his father when he was twelve years old and it would be his father’s swag that he got. So what movies was it? Was about what if you’re doing (math) what can happen. And then, I mean, scorpion king…come on. I knew it had to be orange, and so it was perfect. You throw out these connective feelers and things come back to you.”

spoiler for No obeyBut in the context of the film scorpion king The hoodie serves a practical and story purpose. In the film, Kalua’s OJ is part of a family business that trains horses for feature films, working with his father as a young child in The Scorpion King (ironically, his horses are driven by camels). was replaced, but they still got the crew sweater with a hat). It also serves as a bridge between Kaluu’s OJ and Keke Palmer’s Emerald as they contemplate what to do about UFOs. After deciding that they can set a trap to capture on film, OJ puts on the jacket so that they can visually distract it so they can hopefully get the perfect shot of it and prove that This is real.

Nope is now playing in theatres, having eclipsed a major milestone at the box office. The film is Peele’s third consecutive big hit as a writer/director and lucky for all of us he is already contemplating what will happen next.

“I don’t know what’s next, there are some ideas going on,” said Peele. Empire When asked what he would do next. “I need to immerse myself a little in the world and allow the world to tell me which is next. So my next few months will be spent doing that.”

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from comicbook.com

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