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John Carpenter Expects More Michael Myers If Halloween Ends To “Makes A Lot Of Money”

like evil, Halloween never dies The long-running horror franchise OG, created by director John Carpenter and co-writer Debra Hill, will end a 40-year feud between Final Girl Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and masked killer Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney). halloween ends, the final chapter of David Gordon Green’s rebooted trilogy. Carpenter’s classic 1978 original and Green-directed 2018 sequel Halloween and by 2021 halloween kills, The 13th film in the slasher saga marks the last time Curtis will portray Heddenfield’s resident survivor. But like Shep—who was shot, stabbed, burned alive, revived and rebooted— Halloween keeps coming back.

According to Carpenter, who produces the new film, which hits theaters on October 14, there’s only one thing that could be killing Michael Myers: poor box office.

“I didn’t expect there to be a sequel [to Halloween ’78], The film business is governed by money. [The first] Halloween Earned so much money, here they come again, same people [saying]’Hey John, let’s do one more,'” Carpenter said when asked about 1981 Halloween II During a panel appearance at the Steel City Convention in Pennsylvania. “I guarantee you if halloween ends Makes a lot of money, guess what? Just think what.”

The 1978 original, in which Curtis starred alongside Donald Pleasance’s shape-stacking Dr. Loomis, remains the only Halloween The film entirely directed by Carpenter. after co-authoring Halloween II and the production of its Michael Myers-less follow-up, 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Carpenter will not return to the franchise until he executive produces and composes the score for 2018 Halloween,

“I do not care it Halloween sequel,” Carpenter later said of reviving the franchise with 1988 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, continuing through the 1990s and 2000s. “I made my first film as a director, and all I care about is the salary I get for others.”

Carpenter said: “I hate to be that kind of guy, but it’s true.”

halloween ends Laurie promises a final fight to the death between Strode and Michael Myers, who Carpenter noted is “not really a man, he is a force of evil.”

“He’s just a force of nature, he doesn’t have any character. He’s pure evil. And you can’t kill him, really,” said Carpenter. what can be considered pervert to conclude: “However, wait till you see halloween ends, Wait till you see it.”

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Andy Matichak, Will Patton, Kyle Richards, Omar Dorsey and James Jude Courtney, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Release halloween ends on 14 October.

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