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“It’s not something I worry about”

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo addressed those concerns about there being too much Marvel material. They told Metro That “isn’t something I’m worried about.” Lots of people in and out of the MCU have expressed their opinion about how much content Marvel Studios has been putting out since Phase 4 debuted. The sequence of this current crop of movies and TV shows easily dwarfs anything that came before. Critics of the MCU model have been asking about superhero fatigue for almost half a decade. It just seems like the latest battleground to argue that point. Each Marvel entry is under more scrutiny than the last as fans and opponents alike look forward to a truly “bad” entry from the current phase of this experiment. However, Ruffalo understands that these things move around in a bicycle. He also points out that Phase 4 shows more stylistic variation than anything the studio has produced before.

“It’s not something I worry about. I understand that these things run their course and then something else comes along,” he admitted. “But what Marvel has done well is that, inside the MCU, just as they do with comic books, they let a director or actor re-create each piece to suit their style, their likeness. Marvel is common. Basically lets them bring it. Stuff. If you see a star warsYou’re going to get the same version of Star Wars every time.”

Tim Roth is coming back to fight the Hulk and his cousin in She-Hulk. He told Forbes that the business has changed a lot since his last expanded Marvel role. But, that doesn’t mean they are worse.

“It’s as real as it gets now. When we were doing it initially, it was very unusual. It was pre-iron man, and those Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau changed it all. To me, what we were doing felt like a big budget indie. It was like going on something like that,” Roth recalled. “It was nice and crazy to try to bring that kind of world to life. Then again, this was one of the things I did for my kids because I thought they’d grow out of it in school because they were so young. Coming back, I didn’t know what to expect.

“Once I started shooting it, I didn’t know how to go about my business, and it was a little distracting. Tatiana Maslany is incredible, and she hulk There’s a comedy, and she’s good at comedy, but, to be fair, she’s beautiful, very good at everything,” he revealed. “When Mark Ruffalo showed up to do his stuff I was involved and Saw the two of them talking, it was a money-dropping moment for me, and I went, ‘Oh, that’s what we’re doing. Oh, well,’ and then I knew what to do. Basically, in the first volume I was involved in, I got some serious direction from them to go about our business there, and then it was time to play it all out. it was great fun.”

The topic of staying with Ruffalo came about as fans fought for it all these years. Roth teased some chemistry with the Hulk star and he found it all so funny.

“Yeah, I was like, ‘You’ve changed,'” Roth quipped. “It’s kind of fun. We used to hang around and chat every now and then, and we had a great time. I respect Mark a lot as an actor, so those quirky and wonderful situations Even in me, he was a treasure.”

What surprises await for the Hulk in She-Hulk? Tell us below in the comments!

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Reference from comicbook.com

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