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How Doctor Strange 2 Replaced Wanda’s Villainous Role, Costume Design Delays?

Like most Marvel Studios Phase 4 releases, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness There were significant changes in production amid the pandemic. Those changes included massive changes, such as the removal of Daniel Craig’s Balder the Brave from the script, while there were other detail-oriented changes, such as the costume of Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch. In the wine-coloured dress Olsen rocks wandavision The finale is traded for a corrupt crimson get-up, an adjustment that arose during the film’s production pause.

“Lizzie did her first shoot in LA in March 2020, and then the whole world shut down,” Doctor Strange 2 Costume designer Graham Churchyard told ComicBook.com’s Phase Zero podcast. “And then we had five months on Zoom like, ‘Hey guys, what are we going to do about this?’ And then rewrite. So essentially, all the crew was working remotely, not for five months, but until the end of July. And so, ‘What if we do that?’ And so all these new script pages would come out because of a lot of things related to COVID and all so dramatically. So, we thought we had to move the Wanda costume. It was something that really came straight from Sam [Raimi]With her cool-shoulder look with her beautiful jewel-like dress and a bit of a corset, but I wanted to give Lizzie more freedom.”

He came as a result of the aforementioned corrupt Crimson Darkhold, as wickedly fascinating text seeped into both Wanda Maximoff’s mind and presence.

“And the big thing that came into the mix was Darkhold’s influence on him and the rest of the film so much. To me, it was just like, ‘Well, his full and complete costume bore the brunt. Corruption from Darkhold.’ And so it was just to build something that was screwed up,” Churchyard continued. “So we had great printers and Dior and 3D modelers and costume makers. And we just did different things, like making the skirt more fluid. Because inside wandavisionYou hardly saw him. and then in Doctor Strange, she kept flying around the waist-taj the whole time. so i didn’t want [visual effects artists] Janek Siers and Cindy [Ochs] Always being responsible for moving skirts. So we made all those things realistically, but Lizzie loved all aspects of it.”

As Churchyard noted, super suits go through many developments from the initial sketch to the final product. The costume designer revealed that while actors like Olsen and Benedict Cumberbatch respond appropriately, they are “on board with everything” when it comes to style.

“The key to a successful outfit is as fitting as you can get, because it’s a little bit, you put on something and people are like, ‘Hey, that’s great.’ And they go home and they go and open their refrigerator and go, ‘Wait. I think it was too big on the shoulder,'” Churchyard said. “And they come back and do another fitting, say, ‘I think it’s too big over the shoulder,’ or literally simple things, but you’ve got time to develop things and make them fit.” So you get a lot of feedback, because [these actors] Spent years in front of the camera looking at themselves and they know what suits them. So there are some parameters you don’t want to have, but generally, pretty much, they’re on board with everything.”

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