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Here’s How Many After Credit Scenes Thor: Love And Thunder Has

about five years later Thor: Ragnarok Hitting the theatres, its much-awaited follow-up is finally making its way to the big screen. Taika Waititi and Chris have reunited for Hemsworth Thor: Love and ThunderThe fourth film in the solo Thor series for Marvel Studios. love and need It arrived in theaters Thursday night and looks to be another box office juggernaut for Marvel and Disney, and of course a trip to the movies will come with a little extra time commitment from fans. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its post-credits scenes and Thor: Love and Thunder Definitely continues the trend.

A lot of fans must be wondering how long they’ll have to stick around after Thor: Love and Thunder comes close. We’re not going to spoil the credits sequences in this article, but we will confirm that there are two that you need to wait for. The first scene will take place in the middle of the credits, which is pretty standard for Marvel, and the second will come after all the credits have rolled.

Thor: Love and Thunder Hemsworth sees return with partner Ragnarok Star Tessa Thompson. Natalie Portman will also star in the film, reprising her role as Jane Foster from the first two. Thor movies. This time, however, she will be commanded by the mighty Thor.

According to Portman, the film is full of adventure, so much so that entire planets need to be removed from the final cut.

The joy and sorrow of a Taika Waititi project is that it creates so much talent and so much material that a movie can be like an infinite number of things,” Portman explained. collider Recently during an interview. “And that essentially means that the incredible, hilarious, moving comedy and drama doesn’t end there. So, there’s a lot. I mean, there are full planets that aren’t there anymore.”

Portman later said of the deleted material, “I pray it ends up like an extra DVD somewhere or it’ll come out somewhere.” “Because I mean, yeah, it’s pretty remarkable stuff.”

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Reference from comicbook.com

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