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Explanation of Love and Thunder Ending

Thor: Love and Thunder Marvel Cosmos took fans and a bright and colorful romp — and much of that adventure was just as fun and irreverent as we’ve come to expect from director Taika Waititi. However, even though a lot of it was indulgent and funny, there were some serious parts to reconcile Love and Thunder—and also some major cosmic concepts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its gods in the final act.

In case you’re confused about any of this, here’s an explanation of the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder:

What happens at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder?

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

big villain threat Thor 4 Christian is the Gorr of Bel, who, despite his pious faith, seeks to slay all the gods after losing his daughter. The cosmic twist in the story comes when we learn that Gore isn’t planning on killing the gods all at once: he sets out Thor to steal his axe, Stormbreaker, whose bifrost portal powers it to open a gate. Makes keys. In the realm of eternity, the cosmic entity that… is the embodiment of eternity. Eternity can grant a wish to whoever reaches it, and Gore’s wish is for a godless universe to become reality.

Gore is successful in his mission and enters the realm of eternity – but Thor Odinson and Jane Foster’s mighty Thor manage to sneak behind him. Thor is now too short to fight Gore, so Thor Odinson appeals to the villain’s heart: instead of taking revenge on the gods, why not lose his beloved daughter back? Gore goes for it and at the last minute changes his wish to bring back his daughter.

At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, Gore dies after making his will – and Jane Foster dies of cancer that grew out of her time as Thor. Mighty Thor is immortalized with a statue in New Asgard, and Thor Odinson takes on a Zady role, as promised, by acting as the parent and guardian of Gore’s daughter. Korg’s (Taika Waititi) voiceover monologue is the story frame for the film, and it ends with Thor and Gore’s daughter now fighting together as a team, nicknamed “Love and Thunder”. Thor again wields his hammer, Mjolnir, while “Love” wields the Stormbreaker.

Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene spoiler

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

A mid-credits scene reveals that Russell Crowe’s Zeus is still mad at Thor for stealing his thunderbolt, and aims to re-fear the universe and honor the old gods. To this end, Zeus sends his son Hercules (Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein) to kill Thor.

The post-credits scene reveals Jane Foster’s death in battle as Thor welcomes her to Valhalla (Warrior Heaven), where she is welcomed by Idris Elba’s Heimdall.

Thor: Love and Thunder is in theaters now.

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