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Encanto Star teases about possible sequel

One encanto The star is already teasing a possible sequel to the Disney smash-hit. On Instagram, Dolores’ voice actress Adasa caused a stir among her fans when she spoke about the “next phase” of the Disney film. Of course, this thing on the internet immediately shook everyone online and speculations started. @iHrtDolores managed to capture the moment and share it on Twitter. From there, it looks like his comments are being discussed even more. It’s no secret that the head of the company wants more Encanto as soon as possible. There are already signs for the film at Disney parks. like with frozenIt wouldn’t be hard to imagine a future section of one of these parks where there was a encanto theme. Arundel is already present at Disneyland Paris. So, we could easily be on the road to another film before all this happens.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek mentioned the possibility of other sequels during a recent earnings call. In fact, he said that encanto was already one of the company’s many franchises. frozen Here’s the roadmap for these modern Disney franchises. One factor to keep an eye on is the comments made by Adasa here. It remains to be seen whether it is an animated series or will be like both. frozen these last few years. Lin-Manuel Miranda was shocked by the truly global backlash encanto, He told Bloomberg that he was out of the country and returned to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”-mania.

“Until I came back [from vacation]’We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Was Kind of Captured With the Rest of the World encanto soundtrack,” said Miranda with a laugh. “It helps you perspective, ‘The opening weekend is not the life of the movie. This is only the toughest draft. Two months later, people are talking about Bruno and his whole family.”

“I was telling a friend: I think this is my ‘Send in the Clown,'” Miranda continued. “‘Send in the Clown’ was Stephen Sondheim’s only chart-topper. Out of the millions of songs he wrote, who would have guessed it would be ‘Send in the Clown’? It seems random in a sense.”

“But on the other hand, we are all closed for two years,” he said. “The notion of a bunch of sounds happening within a house sounds very resonant, backwards. There’s a kind of role for everyone in singing along with the song. If you’re not rocking the melody, then Another raga is coming together in two seconds because almost every character gets a small feature in it.”

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Reference from comicbook.com

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