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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Review

dragon ball super is a series that needs very little introduction. The hit anime made its debut years ago, and after a long break from the spotlight, it is returning to theaters this weekend. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, The big movie promises to kickstart shonen fantasy once again after its successful launch in Japan. And with just a few days left for the film to go live, we are looking into everything the critics have to say about the film.

As you can see below, several major publications have reviewed Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and they are all in favor of the film. In fact, the overall score on Rotten Tomatoes ranked the film 100% fresh with nearly 20 professional reviews. film currently. The best reviewed film in the history of Dragon Ball, And of course, ComicBooks had nothing but praise for the gorgeous flick.

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“Despite his pacing issues, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Shines thanks to its funny story filled with nostalgia. From forgotten enemies to new transformations and long-awaited close-ups, the film was made with fans in mind,” reads our review as you can see here. “The story is easy enough for newcomers, But for long time lovers Dragon Ball Will enjoy all his easter eggs. Even its change from Goku isn’t awkward, and if anything, viewers will be more than happy to root for Piccolo or Gohan for a change. Its ambitious animation proves Dragon Ball Ready to learn new tricks even after decades on screen. And as fans sit down to watch this new movie, they better prepare to revisit the roots of Akira Toriyama’s classic shonen.”

for the unknown, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Thanks to Crunchyroll and Toei Animation, it will debut in theaters nationwide on August 19. Tickets are on sale now!

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“Dragon Ball has always had room for humor amidst its serious combat with real-world ending stakes, but the superhero presses its thumb on the weird side of the scale, and it’s the right call. The action combat is impressive. and looks great in the new style, but it all feels familiar. I’ve seen all the heroes exploding energy hundreds of times but also watching Piccolo awkwardly using a cell phone to trick the bad guys Working with a three-year-old feels new and fun. The fighting gets a bit overkill during the final third of the film, but the overall emphasis on humor and exploration of Piccolo’s relationship with Goku’s extended family makes the superhero my favorite. Dragon Ball makes one of the movies.” , gamespot


“When it comes down to it, Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes is an above-average Dragon Ball story. It has solid themes and serves as a character study of one of its oldest (and most neglected) characters. If If you just want to see Goku and Vegeta punch things, you might be disappointed by their minimal presence in this movie, but if you care about Piccolo and are a longtime fan of Dragon Ball in general, you’ll enjoy There will be a lot to take away.” , anime news network


“Super Heroes is a relatively new beginning for Dragon Ball Super, and seems to be taking refuge in it. On its own merits, it’s a solid film with a gorgeous animation style and an infectious energy that’s hard to dislike. It’s heart is in the right place, and for longtime fans, it’s definitely worth a watch. But as Z Warriors has taught us time and again, you can always be strong. Whatever the next movie Hogi, hopefully it will actually live up to the title of the series “Super”. , gizmodo


Think of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes as a breath-taking movie. It’s a respite from the expansive story with all the reality on the line, and a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy some Dragon Ball nostalgia The only interruption in that dynamic is the use of 3D animation by the superhero, a first for the Dragon Ball movie. This style gives the film an unfamiliar look, reminiscent of a Nintendo Switch game. But the audience gets what they want in return. This is a small price to pay for the story.” , polygon


“So in short, current franchise fans will get the most out of “Dragon Ball Hero: Super Hero” because they’re more likely to care, for example, when Goten (Masako Nozawa/Robert McCollum) and Trunks (Takeshi Kusao) / Eric Vale) Cell uses a fusion attack to fight Max. Diehard fans will also be the only ones to understand the confusing references to Piccolo’s villainous past, when he fought Goku and had a split personality. Also, while this new “Dragon Ball” spinoff may not be all for all audiences, it’s also an exciting showcase for Toriyama’s beloved characters.” , wrap


“Whether you prefer subtitles or dubs – one of anime’s longest-running, most fundamental debates – “Super Hero” will not disappoint, as it is being made available in both formats. (This author prefers the subtitled version). It does, for what it’s worth. ) Longtime devotees are unlikely to disappoint, as the film, while nothing substantial, mostly finds a sweet spot between fan service and narrative. Not friendly to the uninitiated, it’s a damn thing that even novices may find themselves tempted to seek out more “Dragon Ball” lore once finished – it’s this The fascinating strangeness of the ever-expanding world.” , Diversity


“A franchise as old as Dragon Ball — a series at this point (among others) synonymous with the proliferation of anime television in the West — comes with a lot of baggage, fan expectation, increasingly labyrinthine continuity, and perhaps diminishing returns at its best.” Qualities. The recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly managed to answer all of this, giving a straight, white-knuckle brawler a fresh take on an old fan-favorite character who at the same time brought the series to a standstill. Taken back to his ancestral interests. Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes manages to succeed in many similar ways, with a few differences and new tricks.” , IGN


“The uneducated viewer will probably be completely amazed by the bewildering cast of brightly colored characters: a mix of humans, androids, aliens and some creatures that look like bipedal versions of a chubby house cat and hairless sphinx, but after all. In the case of a gold earring and a Drag Race contestant’s fierce attitude. The superhero tries to explain the backstory a bit at the beginning, but we end up with outrageously quiff, super-skilled preschoolers trying to immerse themselves in a world of bad guys. And green-skinned martial arts masters with droopy forehead antennas are pretty pointless. If, however, you can relax and just wash it all on yourself, the superhero’s eye candy animation is mesmerizing. Is.” , Guardian


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Reference from comicbook.com

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