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Dragon Ball Super reveals the official name for Gohan’s new form

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Ready to put Gohan in the driver’s seat, team up with Piccolo to once again fight against the forces of a new iteration of the Red Ribbon Army. Akira Toriyama has confirmed that Goku’s son will receive Gamma 1, Gamma 2 and a new transformation in the fight against a major mystery villain who has ties to both Red Ribbon and the Z-Fighters, creators of the Shnen franchise. Let it slip what the new look will be called going forward in the future dragon ball super,

In a recent interview to promote the upcoming film, Toriyama confirmed that Gohan’s new transformation, which causes the Z-Fighter to turn gray and his eyes red, to be called “Son Gohan Beast”. in which the mangaka will explain the reason behind it. Name:

“Gohan had a lot of changes in his past, but this time he needed to wake up to a new one. Gohan has achieved his unique growth, which was based on his awakening as a boy. I have seen this change “Son Gohan Beast”, in the sense that the wild animal within him has awakened. For the design, I tried to portray him with a scary face and pale skin, but somehow it was Gohan So instead, I just gave her normally big inverted hair, which went amazingly well: Everyone said “That looks great!” which actually made me politely grateful Made it feel

To be honest, I’m not sure what kind of design I should use if I change that further.”

Getting into the Pages of Granola Ark dragon ball super In the manga Gohan and Piccolo are on edge, with Goku and Vegeta front and center to fight against the criminal organization known as the Heaters. With the Shonen manga yet to confirm what challenges the Z-Fighters will face next, we imagine a lot of fans will be waiting to see the superhero post-Orange Piccolo and Son Gohan Beast in the future.

What do you understand by the name of Gohan’s new form? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to chat with the world of comics, anime and Dragon Ball.

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