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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Batgirl shelving inspires HBO Max bus cancellation memes

In the week since fans learned that HBO Max’s bat girl With the film to be shelved, no company has been the subject of more scrutiny and speculation than Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav explained his reasons for getting the ax bat girl There were financials, and there are many more rumors – some corroborated, others still up in the air – about projects dying on the vine at The WB in the coming months. And with all this people want to throw some light on the situation. So, naturally, social media has lit up with hundreds of “HBO Max just cancels…” memes.

They range from people using the situation to chime in on politics, to fans looking to rescue shows that have actually been canceled. And one or two people who are going out of their way to turn this into a “your mama” joke.

Cancel bat girl has created a deep backlash not only among fans, but among creative people in Hollywood, who are concerned about what kind of standard it sets for Warner Bros. Meanwhile, the Arrowverse — the most cohesive shared universe of DC characters for a decade — has essentially come to an end, with the announcement that flamboyant Will expire in 2023.

The future of other projects is also in doubt; While WB sources green lantern Still Alive on HBO Max, Streamer Dumps Plans for One wonder twins film and a planned DC anthology series titled strange adventures, And of course it all follows a spooky DC strategy, which has had as many critical and commercial lapses as hits over the past decade.

AT&T bought Warner Bros. in 2018 to form WarnerMedia, whose main focus was the launch of HBO Max, an ambitious and feature-rich streaming platform that immediately became an audience favorite despite a fairly high monthly price tag. But just four years later, AT&T sold Discovery to Warner Bros. Now Warner Bros. Discovery seems intent on getting rid of basically everything AT&T did, including disbanding HBO Max and merging it with Discovery+ to create a larger, more expensive monthly streaming service that will take over the HBO Max brand and Will leave work and investment behind. went into making.

It’s in this context that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav announced last week that he and former Disney executive Alan Horn are planning a ten-year stint for DC Films, hoping that Marvel Studios will hire Kevin out to tell the story of what led Feige when they set out Infinity Saga, The news was greeted with enthusiasm by many, and it’s understandable why. A management team committed to sticking to a coherent plan could solve a lot of WB’s problems in recent years. But while we have some ideas about who might be stepping into the DC version of Kevin Feige, mostly we’re just enjoying the pure chaos energy that’s pouring out of it all.

You can check out some of our favorite reactions below.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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