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“With our energy we want to make the world more joyful and alive”

"With our energy we want to make the world more joyful and alive"

Sophie Hawley-Weld’s first thought upon seeing Tucker Halpern was “Who is this super tall, super cool guy? He is two meters tall, he was all in black, ”says half of the group Sofi Tukker with laughter. “He’s funny, he’s always dressed in colors now,” he replies, “I walked into the art gallery where Sophie was singing in Portuguese, and I thought that would sound great in a dance music context. That same night I asked her if she could do a remix, she came the next day to my apartment to create it and so we started working together”. It was eight years ago, at Brown University, one of the centers of the exclusive Ivy League, where Halpern played basketball. He left him due to an injury, but sports continue to be one of the axes of his life, of their lives, as the title of his second album, Wet Tennis, which has just been released, makes clear. “It is natural that sports inspire our music, we make themes about what happens in our lives and our passions. At concerts we don’t stop jumping and running on stage”, he points out, Original Sin, the first single, presents them on a tennis court that they transform into a dance floor. Aesthetics, always, is fundamental in his proposal. “We love tennis clothing, which is so related to fashion. The video starts with us dressed in white, there are a lot of country clubs you can only get into if you’re all white, but it ends in full color, because we definitely want to live in a much more colorful and open world.” It is not the only sport that the album talks about, in which Halpern even dedicates a song to Larry Bird, his “hero”, born like him in Boston. Hawley-Weld’s life has been much more nomadic: “I was born in Germany, I went to international schools, I lived in Brazil, I was constantly surrounded by different languages, people from different cultures, and so I think of the world as one giant global community. ”. It is reflected in their music, electronic, positive and sophisticated, in which they include rhythms such as bossa nova and jump from one language to another. “It’s very important for us to maintain a sense of the global world rather than a narrow English-centric view,” he adds. During the confinement, from their home in West Palm Beach (Florida), they connected with people from all over the world with uninterrupted live streams, their followers calling themselves the Freak Fam. “It meant a lot to us, it helped us maintain our mental health and motivated us to get up every morning,” explains Halpern. This social commitment is important to them, who claim the benefits of dance music and support projects in favor of mental health and organizations such as Planned Parenthood. “We are experiencing a mental health crisis, there are many people who have felt very isolated, very depressed. Our goal is to help people see the bright side in every way we can. Making music and sharing it is one way, but there are also many organizations that are doing great work that we love to support. With our energy we want to make the world more joyful and alive”, defends Hawley-Weld. Even those who do not know the name of the group will know some of their songs. They have soundtracked several FIFA video games, appeared in iPhone commercials, and served as the opening credits for Paolo Sorrentino’s The New Pope series. “Today being in all these media is one of the best platforms to share music. In the United States we are independent artists and reaching so many people is incredible for us”, highlights the vocalist. His colleague emphasizes the importance of connecting creatively with other professionals, as in the case of Good time girl, the theme that came out in the Sorrentino series: “It wasn’t even a single, we didn’t know it was going to have that life, and we didn’t would have had without the series. It’s amazing when a person’s art and vision aligns with what you do.” Now they are starting a tour that will also stop at Festival Cruïlla in Barcelona on July 9 as a DJ set (they have remixed Billie Eilish, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, and Halpern acknowledges that he would love to do a remix of Rosalía, if he had it). ask). “We’ll put on our favorite songs and have a giant dance party,” says Halpern, and Hawley-Weld confirms: “I feel like live shows have an even more special place in our lives now, because we used to take them for granted before and now we know what is to live without them”. Continue reading Peggy Gou, the Korean ‘dj’ who is sweeping the fashion world

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