Why you shouldn't trust the beauty trends you see on TikTok

Imagine using the Internet and social networks to find a makeup or cosmetic trick and cause a problem on your skin until it no longer exists. This has happened to too many users TikTok and other platforms (like Instagram) have been able to turn home remedies into viral trends. And, if applying the ointments used by our grandmothers on the skin has been advised over the years by experts and dermatologists, the dangers increase manifold when we have all kinds of materials and tools at our fingertips.

Along these lines, one of the last to emerge is developed: NS to be lazy. It is a technique of Korean beauty which includes To keep dry skin hydrated, apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the face after the night routine is over. Understood? According to experts: “Yeah, because Creates a hydrophobic barrier that prevents evaporation of water. Although it does not provide or retain water, it prevents it from being lost”, explains Dr. Rosa Del Rio, dermatologist and Director of the Facial Aesthetics Unit of the Pedro Jane Group. But is it useful and, above all, healthy? It’s not resonating. Especially taking into account the number of methods and products that have been developed to serve this purpose. As confirmed by Dr. Del Rio and clarified on several occasions AEDV: “This is not the most appropriate technique because it can reverse occlusive function. Inhibiting this loss of water will also hinder the natural functions of the skin should it continue to develop. Above all, it can be quite harmful to acne-prone skin by promoting the proliferation of bacteria as do masks today.

In the last few months, Chlorophyll consumption – and its resulting popularity in the fashion network – has exploded: Countless users and influencers have attributed its miraculous properties and confirmed that it not only helps in reducing weight, but also improves the appearance of the skin. is it real? Some may have seen the results of one or more factors, but all experts who speak on the subject agree that none of these properties are supported by science and, most likely, The effect is due to the fact that chlorophyll is dissolved in water or juice and drunk as fluid intake is always favorable for these purposes.

Why You Shouldn'T Trust The Beauty Trends You See On Tiktok - Light Home News

The hashtag #chlorophyll has been viewed over 362 million times on TikTok

Whatever the case, drinking chlorophyll or sprinkling petroleum jelly on your face is likely and beyond a waste of money (a 200-milligram bottle of liquid chlorophyll on Amazon is about 15 euros), two of the most harmless tendencies out there to go viral on TikTok. are. However, some of his companions can certainly prove to be dangerous. Last and riskiest: SPF contouring. The concept is difficult to understand if it is only read, however, it gives the most results when we resort to the hashtag #beautyhack and those who declare its benefits are convinced that it works.

This involves applying facial sunscreen, simulating contouring techniques to areas where, when applying makeup, we apply illuminator to make the protected areas lighter than the unprotected areas, which is an incredible number of TikTokers. will turn brown accordingly. At this point in life, it is not even necessary to consult an expert whether this trick is positive or negative: clearly, it will be very harmful for the skin. But that, in addition to what many dermatologists have talked about on the topic, were less if obvious, then all the more reason to avoid this type of technique altogether. «Even at the theoretical level, this trick is foolish. Not all areas of the face receive the same amount of sunlight, So it’s impossible to try to control that risk by applying different levels of SPF. And, in any case, what you’re doing is picking out areas of the face (to which you don’t apply SPF). so that they age earlier and are more wrinkled or more loose than the rest”, Many doctors explained Byrdie in this article.

Why You Shouldn'T Trust The Beauty Trends You See On Tiktok - Light Home News

Model Ellie Withrow’s video, originally published in 2020, has become popular again and has already garnered over 12 million views.

If this kind of contouring, which is only a possible skin cancer, seems mild or, absurdly, mimicked too little to be expected, focus on the two most dangerous and invasive with skin that has persisted over the years. Aside, microneedling (over 240 million views), meeting microneedles or a . pierce the superficial layers of the skin with the help of dermaroller (Be careful, as this is not a stone roller that favors facial movement, but quite the opposite). According to users who have applied it, it works by promoting the production of collagen and elastin by creating small wounds on the skin that demand regeneration. However, according to experts, this type of procedure done at home can be no more than an attack on the skin that produces damage that is impossible to heal. As if that weren’t enough, they can also damage the skin’s barrier: «It keeps skin moist and prevents allergens and bacteria from entering it. Performing this procedure at home can lead to infections, allergies and irritation », they explain by explain Mayo Clinic about this technology.

Although not so aggressive, the same: the face shaving (with 33 million views on TikTok) or dermaplaning (Which adds up to 28 million). The technology is not new and it is already starting to become popular in 2019, as we have documented on this website. However, this is one of those trends that doesn’t stop gaining followers and it continues again, in spite of everything. Negative opinions from dermatologists and skin care experts. “If you shave once, you need to know that you are committed to having a long-lasting relationship with the blade. The process in some cases may be unfavorable in sensitive skin, with acne or with other pathologies of the skin of the face. Confirmed in that article.

Why You Shouldn'T Trust The Beauty Trends You See On Tiktok - Light Home News

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The horror story doesn’t end here and a quick search on any social network is enough to throw up a huge amount. Creepy results under the concept of #Beautyhacks. Of course, there’s room for something less dangerous and more fun, such as a colorful and summary panel filled with Acrylic nails made on the skins of tropical fruits. There is no limit to the creativity of TikTok.