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Why vitamin A is right now the star of the toiletry bag | beauty, latest

Why vitamin A is right now the star of the toiletry bag |  beauty, latest

Vitamin A and its derivatives, the retinoids, boast of being among the industry’s and consumers’ favorite cosmetic active ingredients. Its results, backed by overwhelming scientific evidence, are as well known as its possible side effects. Fortunately for the most sensitive skin, the new formulas focus on them. “Retinoids”, says Dr. Mariana Díaz, a specialist in aesthetic medicine and dermatology, “are molecules derived from vitamin A and have the same biological function. In dermatology they are used in photoaging, for the treatment of blemishes, acne and other pathologies thanks to their renewing action on the superficial layers of the skin”. They accelerate processes that slow down over the years: they stimulate collagen production, increase cell renewal, as well as decrease melanin production and generate a sebum-regulating effect.

The myth of numerology

Although the number of customers who understand active ingredients is increasing, “the word ‘retinol’ continues to arouse respect (not to say fear) in some people”, shares Eduardo Senante, a pharmacist at the Senante Pharmacy (Miguel de Cervantes 3, Zaragoza), “so they seek our advice when starting a retinization”. It is better to ask a professional for help than to be guided by the percentages of cosmetics. “Sometimes the consumer gets carried away by trends,” warns Raquel González, founding partner of the niche cosmetics distributor Pure SkinCare Cosmeceutical, “In the case of vitamin A, it is not always necessary to resort to high concentrations, they will not be more effective or faster in terms of results.” Before you begin, ask yourself what you are looking for, what your concerns are, and what condition your skin is in. Also, to avoid irritations, do not give up the retinization process, which is nothing more than starting little by little and increasing the use according to tolerance: a couple of nights a week at first, then every other day and, from the month , finish applying daily.

Without hurting sensitivities

That delicate skin cannot use vitamin A is already a myth, says González: “Advances in formulation manage to create increasingly more stabilized products, with encapsulated and controlled release systems to make them more efficient and less irritating. In addition, many are accompanied by other active ingredients to balance and calm the tissue, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E, vitamin C or squalane”. In order of potency in the family of retinoids we have retinoic acid (or tretinoin), retinal (or retinaldehyde) and retinol, but today it is already possible to find formulations with retinal suitable for all audiences. “It has been shown to be 2.8 times more biologically active than retinol, and it is the only form of vitamin A that has direct antibacterial properties, helping to attack the bacteria that cause blemishes.”

Green boom, naturally

The proposals that pull the green claim multiply. Both in terms of ingredients (with examples of vegan creams, without compounds of animal origin or products generated by them) and in terms of formulas. Here the king is bakuchiol, which is crowned as ‘retinol of natural origin’. In reality, they are not synonymous, warns González: “Molecularly, it bears no resemblance to retinol, but it has been discovered that it provides similar results in collagen stimulation and skin rejuvenation.” It is a less aggressive element, very compatible with sensitive skin, but “if bakuchiol were the same as retinol, no one would go through the sometimes annoying retinization”, adds Senante.

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