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why the work of hairdressers is essential

why the work of hairdressers is essential

We could say that the return to the new normal began in the hairdresser. In that first phase of de-escalation that now seems so distant to us, as if it had hardly happened, hair salons entered the list of essential services that could reopen their doors – although everything is said, without the benefits of being : hairdressers still do not have a reduced VAT. The decision to include them in that list, along with dentists, opticians or physios, finally recognized the fundamental role they play in our daily lives. Both physically – it is an essential service for people with reduced mobility – and emotionally. Going back to the hairdresser – appointments collapsed in the first few weeks – was a way to shake off uncertainty, to regain a little control. The best proof is that dating crashed in the first few weeks.

“I am a hairdresser: my mission is to make you happy”, is the motto of the ambitious campaign that Revlon Professional has launched to claim the essential role of hairdressers and whose short film in the form of a tribute to the profession you can see here. Because, let’s face it, we only entrust our most important moments to them: we make an appointment at the hairdresser whenever we have a special event, we cut our hair when we need to close a stage or change course, or we take refuge in all that care and attention when We need to disconnect from the world for a while. “The value of the hairdresser at a social level is unquestionable. Personal image greatly influences people’s state of mind”, points out Jordi Trilles, General Manager of Revlon Pro for Spain and Portugal. And it is not a statement lightly.

Healthy and beautiful hair is the best cure for self-esteem. According to a study carried out by Yale University in 2019, led by psychologist Marianne LaFrance, who has dedicated part of her career to analyzing the influence of hair on psychology, good hair has a greater impact on our well-being than bad hair. clothing or makeup. According to the conclusions of the study, in terms of sociological implications it has a fundamental role: it influences our productivity, gives us energy and makes us feel safer and stronger. “Hair is everything,” insisted the protagonist of fleabag in one of the most iconic scenes of the series. “I wish it wasn’t, so I could think about something else from time to time, but it is. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad one. It’s a symbol of power,” he ditches.

There is always a condemnation of frivolity about beauty, but hair, like skin, is just a reflection of everything that happens to us. We spend years using our heads as a field of experimentation, trying treatments or fashion products, until we find that person who knows how to understand our hair and offers us that personalized solution that we have been looking for so long. But not only that, hairdressers can get an idea of ​​our health according to the state of our scalp or our ends, and act accordingly. It is that combination of art, color, excellence, closeness, creativity and magic that Revlon Professional claims from its campaign. Because, as Revlon Professional tells us, “hairdressers make people very happy.” And the least we can do is admit it.

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